RV Trip Planning : Plan your RV Trip

Information on the web to help you plan your RV trip in Canada. Be sure to check weather alerts, parks and bug reports, UV and pollen counts.

Explore Canada
A great website for planning your trip, using real trip advice from locals and travelers who know Canada.

Internet Cafes
Look up Internet Cafes located in different cities across Canada which you can use when you are on the road.

National Atlas of Canada
A Canadian government website with maps of Canada online and a source of interesting “Facts about Canada”.

Google Maps: Driving Directions
This website will give you good driving directions and area maps for anywhere in Canada. Just enter the Start and Finish locations, and you can get exact directions in either miles or kilometres, plus an estimate of your travel time.

RV Sani Dumps and Marine Pump-Outs

The Weather Network
This is a great source of information for anyone travelling in Canada. Not only can you get the weather and reports on road conditions, there are web pages of particular interest to RVers, such as parks reports, ski report, golf report, weather alerts, snow report, forest fire watch, bug report, UV report and local air quality or pollen counts.

Weather Office, Environment Canada
This governments website has a good 5-day weather forecast, with localised weather information available for each region within every province and territory of Canada.