RV Caravan Tours

Travelling with others is loads of fun and virtually worry-free. You do the driving; your wagonmaster does the planning and arranges tours, events and campgrounds.

Benefits on an RV caravan tour
- If you are a bit nervous about traveling; consider joining an organized tour with a Wagonmaster to lead you and a mechanic who takes up the rear.
With their local knowledge, your guides will take you on the best route, to the most scenic spots and organize advance bookings at the best campgrounds.
- Someone will point you in the right direction
- Once you get off the beaten path it helps to have someone who knows the way.

Some Canadian operators include:

Explore-Canada Caravans
Dan and Roberta Romanko of Explore-Canada Caravans run RV caravan tours in Newfoundland, Alaska & the Yukon, Quebec & the Gaspe, The Manitoba Polar Bear Trek, The Maritimes, The Canadian Rockies as well as throughout Ontario. In addition to leading several caravans and rallies every year, Dan teaches RV how-to and safety courses.
Telephone: 613-489-2132

FQCC Travel Services
A Canadian and Quebecer specialist of Caravan Tours through North America, Mexico and Cuba. Bilingual wagon-masters (tour-leaders) and tail-gunners (rear-guard) are always present. FQCC Travel Services also offer RVs for rent for those who want to take part in a caravan tour and experience travelling in a group, but don’t own an RV.
Telephone:   514-252-3003 and Toll Free: 1-866-237-3722

Wagon Train RV Tours
One of Canada’s original caravan clubs, Wagon Trains can take an ordinary trip and turn it into a fabulous trip of a lifetime. You will see more, do more and enjoy your RV Adventure Holiday like never before.
Call toll free: 1-888-762-3278 or 905-846-0151