Rent an RV

Renting an RV in Canada
Next time you are planning a trip or a vacation, consider renting an RV. If you are not quite sure which model is going to work out best for your needs, try renting before you buy.

Before you rent a recreational vehicle
Whether you want to rent an RV near your home – or fly to another part of the country, and rent an RV there, check our lists of companies with RVs for rent and visit their websites. You will find several companies have more than one rental location, so you can start in one city and travel to another. Check our lists of RV dealers and, if you still need help, contact the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada.

The RV rental package
Class C Motorhomes are the most popular models for rent, but some companies also have travel trailers, truck campers or folding camping trailers. Generally housekeeping packages are available (dishes, pots, pans, etc.) and sometimes bed linens also. There may be additional charges for TV and DVD Player, travel to the Far North, extra mileage, or a Winterizing fee for wintertime RVing. Before you set off you will be given full instruction in the operation of the vehicle. If you are driving or towing an RV for the first time (see RV Driving Tips) you will find that it is reasonably easy for an experienced driver to adapt to the difference in size, height and weight.

Remember to check your insurance
Speak to your car insurance broker to see if you are covered for the RV you plan to rent. You may need to arrange additional coverage from the rental company. Some companies also have minimum age requirements.

RV Rentals FAQs
I would like to rent an RV for the summer. How do I go about it? How much would it cost to rent an RV? And are there RV’s with 7 seat belts?
Your local RV rental dealer will be able to find you the perfect summer rental and provide you with the cost. A list of dealers by province, which are involved in RV rentals in Canada, can be found on our Go RVing Canada website.

I would like to have my RV rental company listed on your website. Can you let me know how I should go about having this done?
The listings of companies on the Go RVing website are companies that are members of CRVA, RVDA of Canada and Campgrounds Campings Canada. As a rental dealer you need to become a member of RVDA of Canada through the provincial RVDA. Contact RVDA of Canada for details and assistance on becoming a member.

Is it possible to take a rental unit into the United States for a summer holiday?
You need to ask the question of the company from which you are planning to rent the RV.