RV FAQ : RV questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions about RVs
We have compiled some useful Answers to typical Questions that we get from many RVers, which may help you find the answer you are looking for.

RV Dealers

Can you tell me how we can be listed on your site as a Parts and Service Facility and as a RV sales dealership?
The listings of companies on the Go RVing website are companies that are members of CRVA, RVDA of Canada and Campgrounds*Campings Canada. As an RV dealer you need to become a member of RVDA of Canada through the provincial RVDA. Contact RVDA of Canada for details and assistance on becoming a member

Do you sell Park Models or know of a dealer in the Vancouver area?
Go RVing Canada does not engage in the sales of any products. We have a list of RV dealers sorted by province and by local geographic areas. Search the British Columbia RV dealers and use the Search feature select by location to see Vancouver dealers. Or contact the manufacturers of Park Models from our list of RV Manufacturers sorted by RV Type.

I own a 17′ Bigfoot trailer and want to purchase a Porch/sunroom (roof and 3 sides, screened and covered with removable clear plastic). Could you give me any information as to where I might find such an extension?
The add-on unit is an after market item which many RV dealers sell. The first option would be to check with RV dealers in your local area by referring our lists of Canadian RV dealers . Second, you may want to contact the manufacturer, see www.gorving.ca/rvmanufac.asp to see if they have any suggestions that would assist you in locating the item. The RV dealers’ association web site, www.rvda.ca, may have supplier or associate members listed who make and/or sell the type of unit that you are seeking.

RV Manufacturers

How do we obtain addresses for RV manufacturers that hire drivers to deliver new RV’s from the factory to the dealerships or new owners?
Contact the RV manufacturers directly to determine if they are interested in your service as the delivery process differs for each manufacturer. Contact information for the RV manufacturers that are members of Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association may be found in the RV Manufacturers section of our website.

Is there a web site that has statistics of how many RV units are manufactured per year in Canada within the various RV categories?
There is no web site of which we are aware that publishes Canadian Industry statistics.

RV Rentals

I would like to rent an RV for the summer. How do I go about it? How much would it cost to rent an RV? And are there RV’s with 7 seat belts?
Your local RV rental dealer will be able to find you the perfect summer rental and provide you with the cost. A list of dealers by province, which are involved in RV rentals in Canada, can be found on our Go RVing Canada website. If your investigation is local, you may also try the Yellow Pages.

I would like to have my RV rental company listed on your website. Can you let me know how I should go about having this done?
The listings of companies on the Go RVing website are companies that are members of CRVA, RVDA of Canada and Campgrounds*Campings Canada. As a rental dealer you need to become a member of RVDA of Canada through the provincial RVDA. Contact RVDA of Canada for details and assistance on becoming a member.

Is it possible to take a rental unit into the States for a summer holiday?
You need to ask the question of the company from which you are planning to rent the RV.

Canada / US Border

We are planning a trip to the US; do you have any advice about crossing the US border? Any special documentation required for our trailer? Any specific websites to obtain any necessary information?
Contact US officials at www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/home.xml to determine what the requirements might be and if there is any special documentation that you might require for your own specific circumstances. Generally you need appropriate personal documentation for identification and ownership information for your trailer. Other links that you may find useful for your travels is the Canada Border Services Agency at www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

General RV Topics

Can you tell me what types of RVs will accommodate small children?
Since RVs mean both motor homes and travel trailers, I am assuming that you are referring to motor homes when you ask your question. Trailers do not have seat belts as people are not allowed by law to ride in trailers. Most motor homes can accommodate at least four people and would thus have four seat belt positions. You will need to discuss your needs with your RV dealer. Generally there should be one belted seating position for each bed – this assumes that only one person will sleep in the bed.

Do you know of a book called “Exit” and where I may obtain a copy? This book tells you what is coming up at an exit it is a USA book I believe?
There are a couple of books that have ‘exit’ information:
1. The Next Exit: USA Interstate Highway Exit Guide published by Next Exit Inc.
2. 2000 Interstate Exit Authority: Complete Guide to every Business at Every Exit on Every Interstate in the Continental US and the Trans-Canada Highway, published by Global Pequot Press. You should also visit your local bookstore and check their reference section for these books.

I would like information on advertising on your website.
Go RVing Canada does not permit advertising on its web site.

We are looking at a specific trailer and are not able to find any ratings, such as consumers reports on cars, etc. What’s a good trailer?
We do not provide any information on this topic that will assist you in your search for a trailer. There are no ratings (such as Consumers Report) for RVs of which we are aware. You need to inspect the systems on board the unit to ensure that they are in good working order. Another option is to discuss your questions with other RVers particularly those who have similar units to the one that you are considering. You can also ask the dealer from whom you are buying the trailer for assistance.

My father wants to buy a RV when he moves to Canada to live, can you help at all with some good quotes?
Go RVing Canada is an industry organization that provides RV lifestyle information to the consumer through its web site. It is not an RVers or consumer organization. We are not involved in the sales of RVs. You need to discuss your needs with an RV dealer who will assist you in finding the type of unit that will meet the needs of your father and fit his budget. On the web site there is a link to a page where RV dealer information may be found.

Towing RVs

We have purchased a 5th wheel and are now concerned about the 5th wheel hitch that we own, not sure if it’s legal? We have one that goes over the wheel wells in the box of the truck; do you know where we could find out more information on this?
The first thing you need to do is to determine the manufacturer of the hitch, and then contact the hitch manufacturer, who would be knowledgeable about the type of hitch and its capabilities.

How do you decide what size of truck to buy for a 5th wheel trailer?
You need to know the specifics of the trailer that you will be towing and then discuss your needs with the tow vehicle dealer and/or your RV dealer. Generally, you need to know the GVWR of the trailer and the tongue or hitch weight. But your tow vehicle dealer may need more than just these two items to properly advise you. Most tow vehicle manufacturers have specific information regarding the towing capabilities of their vehicles.

Regulations for RVs

Could you tell us where to look on your website for weight restriction information or where else to look to get this information?
We do not have information on weight limits or restrictions on the web site. Provinces usually put weight restrictions on the roads when there is a possibility of damage to the road due to frost leaving the ground usually in the Spring. The restrictions are usually temporary. You will need to contact the jurisdictions in which you will be traveling to find out about any restrictions and for how long they will be in place.

What is the maximum length (camping trailer) allowed in campgrounds?
The maximum length in campgrounds is determined by the campground operator; however, they can usually handle any vehicle that is legal on Canadian roads and highways. The RV dealers’ web site has information on vehicle lengths allowed on Canadian roads and highways.

I would like to know if one can drive a RV with a standard European permit in all provinces and territories or if a special permit is necessary (according to the weight of the vehicle).
Most provinces recognize European licences and will allow visitors to Canada to use a regular driver’s licence to operate an RV on a rental basis. The rules are different if a person is going to be using his own RV whether imported or purchased in Canada. You will need to check with the provincial authorities in which the RV will be rented for a specific ruling on the acceptability of your licence. The RVs which can be rented are generally of a weight that does not cause a concern that might require a special licence.

New Recreational Vehicles are required to meet the CAN/C.S.A.-Z240 Standard for RVs – Series M99 not Series M86. What is the nature of this change? Is this possible to consult this Standard, to know what is the difference?
The Standard was updated in 1999 to reflect new processes and current Standards. The name of the Standard is CAN/C.S.A. Z240 Standard for Recreational Vehicles – Series M99. To compare the differences you will need a copy of both Standards which may be purchased from C.S.A. International, www.csa-international.org. The 1986 publication may no longer be published so unless you have a copy you may not be able to do the comparison that you desire. A vehicle cannot be retrofitted to adjust to the new Standard as the requirements of the Standard must be incorporated into the unit at the time of manufacture.

Being new to RVing in Canada, is it permissible to camp overnight on the highway? I.e., can you pull off the main highway and stay overnight at a suitable location which is not obstructing passing traffic?
Most jurisdictions in Canada do not allow the type of overnight stay that you are asking about. If it is allowed it will only be in Rest Areas and then only if it is posted that it is permissible to do so.

Used RVs

How much would it cost to purchase a used RV?
You would need to contact an RV dealer who deals in the type of RV for which you are searching. Used RV’s vary in price according to age, features or options, etc. You can go to our website and look under Locator,RV dealers in your province for contact information.