Why Renting an RV is Easier Than You Think

March 7, 2020

So you’re planning the ultimate road trip this summer and you’re craving the freedom to roam free and explore the great outdoors… The convenience and flexibility of an RV rental may be just the ticket. And you’d be surprised at how renting an RV is easier than you think.

1. All that and the kitchen sink

The most popular RV rental model is an average 25-foot Class C Motorhome, which is typically fully equipped with kitchenware, towels and bedding, so you don’t have to fuss about packing up the house to go on a road trip. Just bring your clothes, sporting equipment and your favourite beach read, and do your grocery shop when you arrive at your destination. Class C Motorhome rentals will cost approximately $1,250-1,750/week, plus possible add-ons for TV, DVD player, extra insurance, extra mileage and travel to the Far North. Travel Trailers offer a budget-friendly option at approximately $1000/week, though you may need to bring your own additional kitchenware/bedding and will need to ensure you have the proper vehicle for towing. Ask your RV dealer about rental packages.

2. Floorplans galore
There are plenty of options for RV types and different floorplans suitable for various situations and number of people. Do you plan to dine and entertain inside the RV’ Or do you prefer to eat al fresco and sit around the campfire among friends’ Think about how much living space and sleeping quarters fit your needs and make sure you check out the floor plan of the RV before you book. Consult with your RV dealership to determine the right fit for you ‘ chances are, there is a perfect fit for your needs.

3. Safety options available
Insurance is typically included with most RV rentals, but it’s best to consult with your car insurance broker to check if any additional insurance is required. Be sure to look into minimum driver age requirements for rentals and whether a standard class G license is required. For most drivers, this shouldn’t be an issue and it’ll be smooth sailing (or RVing – as it were).

4. Summertime, and the RV drivin’ is easy’
Did you know you can drive most RVs with a regular driver’s license’ Yes, driving an RV is a different experience from driving a car, but it’s easier than you think. Depending on the size of RV model, it could feel like driving a minivan or a commercial big rig truck. Pay attention to the size, height and weight of your vehicle and compare the different RV models to find the right fit for you. Check out this video for more tips on how to get comfortable behind the RV wheel.

5. Simple setup and tear-down
RVs are fairly easy to setup and tear down, so you can focus your energy on the journey and enjoying quality time with your travel buddies. Not sure what to pack for your RV trip’ We’ve got some quick RV packing tips to help you get on your way. You can expect a thorough RV orientation with any RV you rent, so there are no surprises.

6. Campgrounds a-plenty
Do you want to camp where all the cool kids are hanging out’ Or a family-friendly campground with a sandy beach within walking distance’ Do you prefer a quaint lakeside retreat where your alarm clock is simply the sunrise and the birds chirping ‘hello” There are heaps of excellent RV-friendly campgrounds from coast-to-coast where you can set up camp. Check our campground finder for some options.

Your RV dealer can also point you in the right direction and may even be able to hook you up with some sweet discounts at campgrounds.

7. Bring your own motorized toys, bikes and golf clubs

Another bonus about renting an RV is that you can bring your favourite sporting equipment along for the ride ‘ and save the cost and hassle of trying to track down bikes, ATVs and golf clubs when you arrive at your pitstops and destinations. Ask your RV dealer about options for exterior mounts or interior storage for sporting equipment ‘ these are almost always available and super simple to work.

8. RV rental outfits coast-to-coast

Chances are, there’s a handful of RV dealers located in your city or the city or region that you’re looking to visit – each very professional and very helpful. Check out our handy RV Rental Finder to find an RV rental outfit to help get you set up and on the road quickly and easily.

Happy road trip planning! Feel free to check out more helpful tips and our RV rental checklist. Or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.