RV Accessories and Gear to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

December 12, 2018

Gearing up for a new year filled with new adventures? You’ll want to check out these must-have RV accessories and camping gear to add to your wish list for Santa!

Although many of us already put our RVs in storage for the winter, we are so excited that the new year is just a few weeks away. It’s time to start planning the next Wildhood adventure!

If you’re new to RVing, we have plenty of tips for you – whether you choose to rent or buy your rig.

If you’re a seasoned camper, your list of must-sees is likely ever expanding! Whether you plan an extended road trip or a relaxing summer weekend at your favourite campground, there is so much fun to be had (and photo opps to explore!) in Canada’s outdoors. Where will the highway take you?

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the holiday season and start dreaming up new adventures for the new year! Here are some handy RV accessories to add to your holiday wish list and prep for your next outdoor trek.

Insulated French press

An insulated French press is just what your morning cup needs. No rush to drink your morning brew when your press keeps those beans hot for hours. Perfect for chilly spring mornings at the start of the season!

Smokeless campfire

These portable, smokeless campfires are great for the hot, dry season some campgrounds see. Fire bans can’t dampen this electronic campfire – just plug and play for a warm night outside with friends.

Instant pot

A quick alternative to crockpot meals, an instant pot is a convenient addition to your RV kitchen gear. Most instant pots require little power to cook an entire well-balanced meal in the single pot. Add your ingredients, set it and forget it until dinner time!

RV awning

Sometimes you need a little shade from the sun and rain while camping on those super-warm or soggy days. An RV awning is just the ticket!

Pocket multi-tool

Everyone needs a classic multi-tool in their pocket while enjoying the outdoors. Channel your inner MacGyver and feel good knowing you can wiggle out of any sticky situation with just one tool.

Campfire cookers

There are so many options! Want to toast your bread over the campfire? There’s an accessory for that. Multi-roasters and cast-iron cookers – you name it! They’re always coming up with cool new toys to make cooking over an open flame a little easier.

Dog pack

Pick up a dog pack for your pup! Four-legged friends can usually carry their own when out for a hike. If you’re going on a long trek, you could pack a few treats or their meals and a collapsible bowl, plus backup water in their backpack instead of yours.

Fast-drying towels

Microfiber fast-drying towels absorb more water, yet dry faster than typical bath towels. There are a few brands and sizes to choose from, but these compact towels (originally meant for the gym) are a helpful addition to small-spaced routines and outdoor lifestyles.

Hot/cold travel mugs

Dual purpose hot/cold travel mugs come in so handy when camping. These stainless steel mugs are made by a few different brands all offering lots of colours and styles. Choose from the typical water bottle or coffee mug options, or shorter drink mugs.

Insulated backpack

Have a picnic on the trails without worrying about who carries the heavy cooler, or your backpack leaking a few minutes in. Insulated backpacks come in a range of sizes – some are the perfect size for two and others big enough to fit lunch for the whole family. Many are waterproof as well, so no water gets in or out as your ice packs melt.

First aid and emergency kit

When was the last time you checked your first aid and emergency kits were up to par? Now is the perfect time to restock on these important necessities before the new season.

Inflatable seating

You know the ones – those fun ones that we see at every RV show! Air hammocks, inflatable chairs, floating chairs and the like. All the above are fun for summer lounging by the lake. Which one is on your wish list?

We hope something on this RV accessories list caught your eye! Here are some more must-have accessories to keep on your radar.

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