Wildhood stories with @yellowillow

November 13, 2017

How does a princess find her wildhood?
You offer her the most intriguing carriage. And never mention the word tent.

I’m a bit of a princess. I don’t see the fun in living in a tent. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wild but life in a tent for me is too much work, too humid, uncomfortable, complicated, too hot, too cold, too messy, I can go on and on. But I can’t resist cool design and tiny houses.


That’s why the moment I saw the Taxa Cricket trailer, I knew it was the answer to getting me deep into the wild. And staying there.

Unexpectedly, I loved all of it! Even the things I was anxious about.
Driving the truck with trailer in tow: much easier than expected
Backing up with trailer in tow: hard, but we laughed so hard.
Dealing with neighbours at the site 1: they are pretty handy when you forget cooking utensils.
Dealing with neighbours at the site 2: they happen to be your nephew with whom you end up spending lots of time exploring and playing in the lake with.
Rain during the day: let’s go explore! We have plenty of dry clothes in the trailer.
Rain during the night: ahhh, isn’t it great to fall asleep to the sound of the rain!
Food prep: hey! we have a sink, a counter top, a cooktop and electric icebox.
Fire: I brought my favorite wood person who also has great conversation.
Dreading the time to pass too slowly and getting bored: wish we could stay one more day!

I also spent a lot of time taking photos of the wonderful surroundings. That’s what I love best.
Now I’m dreaming of my next RV trip!