What did the Baeumler's do on their RV adventure?

Bryan, Sarah and their 4 kids recently completed a 2 week trip across Western Canada in a motorhome. They visited the Badlands of Alberta, toured the beautiful Rockies, explored the mountains and lakes of BC, and finally ended up by the ocean on Vancouver Island. For more highlights read their stories posted on our blog and visit the interactive trip planner to discover where they traveled and the highlights and fun attractions along the way!

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The Rockies

British Columbia

What's it all about?

Go RVing Canada, the voice of Canada’s $3.3 billion RVing industry, has formed a partnership with iconic home renovation family the Baeumlers to set them up for their next adventure - taking their home on the road to rediscover their wildhood and explore Canada.

Following a relocation to the Bahamas for their latest show, Island of Bryan, Sarah, Bryan and their four children are excited to experience everything the country has to offer by taking advantage of the incredible RV lifestyle. With an RV they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to experience the country on their own terms, opening up its many hidden gems for adventures, all while allowing them to bring the comforts of home wherever they go.

"RVs are an easy and affordable way for adventurous families like the Baeumlers to explore the outdoors, and we're excited to be working them. We can’t wait to see what they get up to as they adventure around Canada with our wheels beneath them, transporting them to experiences that offer freedom and relaxation," said Chris Mahony, President of Go RVing Canada.

The Baeumlers will join millions of Canadians of all ages who have used RVs as a way to reconnect with nature. In fact the outdoor recreation market in Canada has never been stronger. It’s estimated that 15 per cent of Canadian households own an RV with more than 2 million RVs on the road today.

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