How to Store Your RVĀ 

We the great outdoors all summer long, but after all the adventure is over and we pack up for the winter, the Canadian elements can start to take a toll on our RV. Here are some precautionary measures you can take when storing your RV to ensure it stays in excellent condition season after season.

  • Unless your RV is kept inside a heated building, the top priority is to protect the RV water systems from freezing. This involves the fresh water lines, water heater, waste tanks and drains, and the icemaker, washing machine and dish washer if you have those. There are two methods for RV winterizing the fresh water system: The Antifreeze Method (adding enough antifreeze to the water in the system to prevent freezing or the Blow-out Method (removing all water from the system).
  • Keep your RV protected from the elements by keeping it in covered or indoor storage. Never cover your RV with a tarp or non-breathable fabric, as moisture condensation can be extremely damaging.
  • Wash your RV frequently after trips to remove surface grime that can damage the exterior if allowed to build up. Wax the exterior using a quality wax formulated for your RV's exterior finish, it's the most effective way of protecting your RV from damming dirt, grime and roadway chemicals.
  • Check for water damage regularly. Inspect all seals and caulking for signs of wear, and repair promptly with approved RV sealant.
  • Scrub off black streaks as soon as you discover them. Wait too long and you may not be able to remove them completely.
  • Remove food as it is common for mice and insects will be attracted by the smells and a warm home for winter. So clean out the fridge, remove the snack packs ' even if sealed in plastic.