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10 Reasons RVing Is Now the Best Way to Travel


Over the last few months, you’ve probably spent more time at home than ever before. We’re all learning to roll with the punches, like turning our beach-bound RVs to head back north or swapping out hiking for cozy indoor activities.

Fortunately, Canadian towns and businesses are slowly reopening. But social distancing is still critical, so what’s a travel-lover to do?

Yes, we’re biased, but we think there’s never been a better time to plan an RV trip — whether it’s your first or 50th!

Here are the reasons why RVing is the perfect way to travel after COVID-19.

1.   You’ll social distance, holiday-style.

It’s easy to stay away from the crowds in an RV. Think of your vehicle as a social distancing safe haven! Road trips keep you isolated while offering constant changes of scenery. You can control how many people you see while enjoying the freedom to go wherever the road takes you.

Campsites remain affordable.

The effects of COVID-19 stretch far past our physical health—many families face job losses or pay cuts too. In an RV, it’s easy—and surprisingly affordable!—to get away from the city and take a proper summer holiday. Sure, some campsites are more expensive than others, but it’s easy to beat the cost of a standard hotel.

You can stock up on supplies at home.

Life won’t return to normal anytime soon, but we can still explore and indulge—it just takes a few adjustments! When you’re ready to go RVing, stock up on all the toiletries and groceries you need at your local stores. This will help you minimize interactions on the road, keeping your family and others safe and contact-free.

Rentals are freshly sanitized.

Now is the perfect time to rent or buy a squeaky-clean RV for your next road trip. With new cleaning protocols in place, RV rental companies have worked hard to ensure all vehicle surfaces are virus-free. And once you’re settled safely into your RV, you can rest assured that no one—like hotel housekeepers or staff—are entering your new living space.

5.   City dwellers can escape into nature.

Staying indoors has been a challenge for everyone, but it’s especially difficult for condo residents in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. After being confined to your house for weeks, there’s nothing better than waking up surrounded by nature. Enjoy 24 hours of fresh air and ever-changing scenery while you decompress from city living.

RVing respects provincial guidelines.

If interprovincial/territorial travel is restricted, seize the opportunity to explore the wilds of your region. We can’t think of a better time for RVing weekends or summer escapes exploring the must-see destinations or national parks in your province.

Remember, we’re huge fans of RVing, but we also want everyone to stay safe. Check national news updates, national park websites, and provincial government websites before your next adventure.

Enjoy the comforts of home without the cabin fever.

If you ask us, RVing is a perfect blend of home comforts and open road adventures.

Think about it: staying at a hotel with amenities like kitchenettes, outdoor spaces, and accessible laundry machines are expensive. But most RVs come with all the comforts of home plus the ultimate amenity in these challenging times—freedom to explore the open road!

Give the kids room to roam.

Lockdowns have been especially tough for young kids confined in condos. RVing gives your restless little ones the chance to stretch their legs and breathe some fresh air. Families tell us that RVing is one of the most kid-friendly vacation options. We even have a quick guide on making travelling with the kids a breeze.

Beat the crowds.

RVing isn’t just a great way to self-isolate in a beautiful location. Planning a road trip in your province now gives you a jumpstart on touring some of Canada’s most stunning destinations before busloads of tourists start travelling internationally again.

Keep yourself and others safe.

We’ve already mentioned how RVing lets you settle into a recently sanitized space, isolate, and breathe some fresh air. These things are more important than ever before—for our physical and mental wellness.

But deciding to use an RV instead of a plane or resort for your next vacation could help keep others safe too. Officials recommend that if you start showing symptoms of illness, you should quarantine yourself for 2 weeks. RVing is amazing because it’s fun… but it could also act as your mobile quarantine unit if you start feeling sick on the road.

Whether you’re new to RVing or live on the road, there are so many reasons to set off for your next adventure in an RV. Life feels a little different now, but we can still find ways to explore. Stay safe, everyone!

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