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14 Family Games for your Next RV Vacation


Setting out on the road with the whole family is the perfect time to get everyone involved and playing together. Here are some fun ideas that are sure to get everyone putting away their iPads and reconnecting as a family.


1. Map reading

Get your kids involved in the journey and avoid the dreaded question ‘are we there yet”. Pick up or print out a map and mark your route as well as any fun landmarks along the way. They can follow along the route with a crayon and spot the landmarks, marking them off as you go.

2. Magnetic board games

Many classic board games can be found in mini, magnetic versions perfect for play on the go. Check out your local toy store for inspiration.

3. I spy

The classic car game ‘I Spy’ is a road trip favorite. Everyone can take turns picking an object and shouting out guesses, making it an ideal game for both older and younger kids to play together.

4. Road trip bingo

Take some time before you set out to create a custom road trip bingo card for your journey. Include things like wildlife, landmarks, and vehicle types, and your kids can cross things off as they spot them.

5. Mad Libs

Who doesn’t love a hilarious game of Mad Libs‘ Everyone in the car will be howling with laughter at the stories you create.

6. Rest Stop racing

To get everyone moving and burning some energy during breaks, look for stops with grassy spots to play. Organize a race with the winner earning a fun reward like the right to choose the next CD or spot for lunch.

7. Counting games

There are endless things to spot out of a car window, so make up a few counting games as you go. You could try to count 30 red cars, but have to subtract one for every yellow car that passes, or count cows in the fields that you pass.


8. Photography scavenger hunt

Set a time limit and give your kids a list of what to capture in or around your campsite. Include common sites like a fire pit, a bird, a square-shaped stone, or a stump as well as some more obscure ones, and see who can find and photograph the most in the allotted time.

9. Card games

You can never go wrong with a deck of cards at the picnic table. Play family favorites like go fish, crazy 8’s or Old Maid.

10. Glow stick ring toss

Grab some glow sticks, duct tape and empty water bottles and DIY your very own glow-in-the-dark ring toss game.

11. Finish the story

Sitting around the campfire, take turns telling a story. One person starts the tale, and points to the next person mid-sentence who then continues the story where it left off, and so on around the circle.

12. Nature explorers

Get a local nature guidebook and equip your kids with paper, a pencil and a magnifying glass. They can roam the campsite inspecting the plants and birds, trying to identify them correctly.

13. Flashlight tag

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Grab your flashlights and try a game of flashlight tag.

14. Charades

Always fun to play by the light of a campfire, Charades is a great family game. One person acts something out while the others try to guess what it is. It could be the title of a movie, an object, a book, or whatever you choose! Set up your game with these step-by-step instructions, or make it up as you go!

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