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15 Must-See RV Camping Destinations in Canada


With so many places to see in our beautiful country, sometimes it’s hard to decide where to begin. One thing’s for sure ‘ a new adventure is just around the corner (you just have to know where to look). For a little inspiration, check out these 15 must-see RV/camping destinations recommended by fellow adventurers coast-to-coast.

1. Jasper National Park, Alberta

Look up, waaaaay up. Also known as ‘the gentle giant of the Rockies’, Jasper National Park is one of Canada’s largest parks. Popular among wildlife enthusiasts, Jasper offers nearly 1000km of trails ‘ and, if you’re lucky, a chance to see caribou, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and other spectacular wildlife.

2. Campers Cove, Ontario

Wine, beach and bird-watching’ Hello! On the shores of Lake Erie, Campers Cove is an RV-friendly campground celebrating over 50 years of camping. This popular spot in Ontario features 1,200 feet of sandy beach with several nearby attractions including golfing, wineries and a bird sanctuary.

3. Birds Hill Provincial Park, Manitoba

Canada’s Birthday Park’ What’s not to love’ Birds Hill Provincial Park officially opened in July 1967 in honour of our nation’s centennial. With a wide variety of landscapes throughout the park, Birds Hill is great for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

4. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. So you’re guaranteed to see some pretty magnificent and breathtaking scenery. Pack up your RV and get the family together for some wildlife-watching and spectacular hikes in this seaside gem on the east coast.

5. Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario

Bird-watchers, butterfly enthusiasts and green thumbs unite! Pinery Provincial Park’s ecosystem features over 757 plant, 325 bird and 60 butterfly species. It’s also the largest protected forest in southwestern Ontario. (Don’t forget to pack your binoculars!)

6. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

Looking for a beautiful spot for canoeing’ Algonquin Provincial Park is a premier canoeing destination with plenty of scenic views. It’s also a great place for fishing, boating, biking and interpretive walking trails in Ontario.

7. Similkameen Valley, British Columbia

As they say in Similkameen, ‘counting the stars is more important than thread count’. We couldn’t agree more. With orchards, wineries, fresh fruit stands to indulge in, and lots of wide open spaces to hike, bike and play, Similkameen Valley is an RV destination to add to your must-see map!

8. Sasquatch Provincial Park, British Columbia

Pocket lakes, tranquil forests and mountain views. Sasquatch Provincial Park is located north of Harrison Hot Springs and a popular spot for canoeing, fishing, camping, hiking ‘ and even windsurfing!

9. Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park, Alberta

A destination for trout fishing enthusiasts ‘ with or without a boat! Carson-Pegasus offers a boat launch at McLeod Lake as well as a lake fish wall with park benches for fishing along the shoreline. (Just make sure you’ve got your fishing license, rod and reel in tow.)

10. Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba

Kiche Manitou Campground is named for an aboriginal phrase meaning ‘Great Spirit’. This scenic, desert-like area in Spruce Woods Provincial Park features 30-metre sand dunes as well as family-friendly activities such as campfire talks, guided hikes and interpretive programs.

11. Grundy Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

Who’s ready for a canoe or kayak adventure’ Grundy Lake is where it’s at ‘ with numerous inland lakes and canoe/kayak rentals available nearby. Sounds pretty stellar to us!

12. Willow Rock Campground, Alberta

Deep in the heart of Kananaskis Country’ Willow Rock features hiking trails, fishing, scenic vistas and fresh mountain air. Willow Rock is a short commute from Calgary or Canmore, so it’s great for a weekend getaway in the Rockies. (You’re welcome.)

13. Waterton Springs Campground, Alberta

Ever wonder what it’s like to be next-door neighbours with a UNESCO World Heritage Site’ That’s what you’ll find out at Waterton Springs Campground, on the border of Waterton Lakes National Park. Stunning panoramas and plenty to do for the outdoor enthusiast.

14. Tobermory, Ontario

Snorkeling and cycling and paddling, oh my! Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory is an adventurer’s dream.

15. Paradise Valley, Squamish, British Columbia

It’s all about the simple pleasures in life at Paradise Valley:
Unplug. Connect with your family. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Repeat.

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