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5 Simple Ways to Discover Your RV Persona


We might be slightly biased, but if you ask us, traveling via RV is the way to go. There are so many advantages to bringing the comforts of home along with you on your travels.

If you’re new to RVing, or you’ve only gone on an RVing trip once or twice in the past, you may feel uncertain about choosing the RV that’s right for you; whether you’re buying, borrowing or renting. At GoRVing Canada, we love helping people figure out which RV is right for them. We’ve compiled our favourite resources to help you find the RV that matches your needs, personality, and traveling style.

1. Take our RV persona quiz
We’ve created a quick and easy online quiz to guide you through some of the top questions to consider when finding the RV that fits how you like to travel. Do you go solo or take the extended family’ Are you a stickler for packing light or do you take along as much as possible’ The way you like to travel, how much driving you enjoy, and the activities you prefer will all help paint a picture of your RV persona.

2. Compare what the different RV types will offer you
Our online RV Selector will help you narrow down the RV types that will work for you. Different needs and preferences usually come with a few options each, so it’s handy to compare your top 3 picks side-by-side. A few things to look for would be how easily the camper is to travel with around urban centres, how economical the RV is to run if you’re on a budget, how many people the RV can comfortably fit, and if the RV comes with the range of appliances you’re looking for. If you are bringing additional toys, like an ATV or a boat, you’ll want to consider if you can tow additional items.

3. Size Matters
One of the most important things to consider when looking at RVs is the size. It really does matter when it comes to an RV experience that lets you do all the activities you enjoy. Traveling in a larger RV, like a Fifth Wheel Trailer or a Class A Motorhome that’s over 30 ft. will offer the most space, but can also limit the places you can camp.

Another consideration concerning the size is the amount of people you like to travel with. For a small family or a couple who enjoy traveling light, a tent trailer might be a good choice since tent trailers are economical to run, and you’ll still feel like you’re sleeping outdoors. However, if you enjoy your comforts and travel with 6 or more family members or friends, a Class C Motorhome, or a Fifth Wheel might be the better option.

4. Learn about the different RV types
Most RV’s will fit into one of these three categories, and each category will offer you quite a few options. There are Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, and Park Models.

Motorhomes come in a large range of sizes. They can offer you a lot of freedom and flexibility when on the road. Motorhomes offer transportation and living spaces all in one nice, convenient vehicle. Perfect for the explorer who loves the open road.

Travel Trailers are the most common and allow you to stay in comfort and style while RV camping. Travel trailers are designed to be towed behind your family car, SUV, minivan or pickup truck. Travel Trailers can be everything from tent trailer pop-ups to hybrid trailers to spacious fifth wheel trailers to toy-haulers for those adding motorized toys to the mix.

Park Model RVs, built to RV specifications, are designed for seasonal use, with some winterized units available. These Park Model trailers include a wide range of styles and models from basic to luxurious. For those who prefer to camp in luxury in what is becoming regularly seen as the ‘cottage alternative’.
Truck campers are smaller and designed to be placed on the back of a pick-up truck and are most suited to singles or couples who love to explore and aren’t fussy with not having large amounts of storage space.

5. Pick the price that works with your travel goals
When you find the RV style that best matches how you like to travel, you’ll probably still find yourself with a few different options. Remember to keep your RV and travel budget in mind. Whether you’re buying or renting, you’ll want to make sure you have the funds left over to do all the activities you’re excited about; whether that’s shopping downtown, visiting museums, renting a boat or finding the best restaurants in every city you visit!

If you have any stories or tips you can share from personal experience, we’d love to hear them! Share with us on facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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