Cozy RV fold out chairs in front Cozy RV fold out chairs in front Cozy RV fold out chairs in front
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6 Ways to Make Your RV Super Cozy


There’s a reason why they call it ‘glamping’. RV living is all about the joys of the great outdoors paired with the comforts of home. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, whether your rig is new or pre-owned, one thing’s for sure – your RV is your ‘home sweet home’ on the road. And it’s the perfect canvas to express your personal travel style. Here are some easy ways to add that extra bit of flair and make your RV super cozy and chic with minimal effort.


Even if you’re the ultimate sun-seeker, a little shade is a welcome haven on those blistering hot summer days. A canopy or awning is one of the best RV accessories you can invest in – not only does it provide sun protection, it can also keep you dry on rainy days. Just make sure to pick one made with mildew-resistant material and Bob’s your uncle.

Patio Lanterns

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create ambience inside and outside of your home – RVs included. If installing new light fixtures or sconces isn’t in the budget (or you’d rather spend that time napping in your hammock), pick up a string of patio lanterns and drape them from your RV canopy for a subtle glow. Mood lighting, if you will.



A little ream of fabric can go a long way in adding some personality and pizzazz to your home on wheels. Throw pillows pack a small but mighty punch – and they serve double-duty to add cozy comfort to your sleeping or seating area in your RV. You can take your décor one step further and outfit your windows with curtains and re-upholster benches or chairs with complementary colours and fabric patterns to tie the design story together.



Green thumb, anyone? No worries if you don’t know the first thing about gardening or taking care of plants. Two or three succulents in small (ideally non-breakable) flower pots are a simple way to add a burst of greenery to your RV interior. Succulents originate in arid climate conditions, so they require minimal water and sunlight – and typically last well beyond camping season.


Outdoor Rug

So you’ve found the perfect place to park for a few days. Think of your campsite as your outdoor living room. While camping chairs typically come in more basic colours, you can have a bit more fun with patterns and textures with an outdoor rug. Just make sure to pick a rug that’s durable, easy to clean – and ideally, quick-dry fabric in case of rain. Another bonus: You can traipse around barefoot on the rug and in/out of your RV without the hassle of footwear on those super lazy days.


Wall Flair

You don’t necessarily need that perfect set of antlers to mount on the wall to add style to your space. Wall flair comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Begin with a theme in mind – whether it’s a retro colour motif, a rustic woodsy feel, a sleek streamlined look, a nautical adventure theme, your favourite sports team, the list goes on. A fresh coat of paint or a couple panels of fun wallpaper are easy ways to feature your theme (we’ve seen everything from pink flamingos to canoe drawings). Decorative hooks in various shapes (think: anchors, deer heads) are also stylish, yet functional space savers. Mirrors in picture frames work really well as minimalist décor while playing with natural light to open up the space and make your RV interior feel bigger.


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