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7 Ideas for Sprucing Up Your RV


Spring is the perfect time to refresh your RV before the busy camping season starts. Why not treat yourself to more than just a deep clean? Lots of campers use the warming weather to knock off a few DIY projects before it’s time to hit the road for the summer.

We know, camper renovations can take some effort, but a quick spring spruce-up doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time and money. A few simple touch-ups and tweaks make a space feel fresh and brand new again, too.

Here are a few decor ideas for your RV. We love seeing campers get creative with their décor!

Just add plants

If you’re parked in a permanent site for the season, you can make your RV feel even more like home with decor such as potted plants and hangers. Turn your RV into a plant oasis with just a few dollars and some creativity. A bit of greenery makes a trailer really feel fresh and welcoming!





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Always more pillows

There are a few ways to make your RV feel extra cozy. Adding comfy pillows and throw blankets to your lounge area is one of them!

As for aesthetics, switching up your decorative pillows usually does the trick when trying to spruce up your RV. You may not even need new pillows entirely—just new pillowcases to add a splash of colour!

Master bedroom makeover

They say that your bedroom should be the coziest room in your home because we spend the most time there. In an RV, that’s especially true. While days are dedicated to soaking up the sun, it’s likely that you spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in your rig.
A master bedroom makeover could be as in depth or easygoing as you’d like. For a simple fix, a fresh coat of paint and new bedding works wonders. Little details like art, flowers and candles spruce up a space quickly, too.

Replace your backsplash

This DIY project is a little more involved than upgrading your pillow game, but it’s still simple enough to finish before camping season kicks off. Treat your kitchen backsplash like a small feature wall with a new colour, design or print. You don’t need to spend a lot of time laying tile either. Shop around for a vinyl stick-on option you love – and voila! It will look like a new kitchen in minutes.

Lay a new floor

New flooring makes an old space look so different! If you’re going for a light and airy feel, select a lighter coloured option. For warm and cozy, choose a dark wood. With a space that warm, you’ll want to keep camping long into shoulder season.

Although this is likely the most challenging option of our spring spruce-up ideas, you’ll appreciate the extra effort when you absolutely love your new flooring!





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Open your space

You’re probably used to the smaller footprint by now, but everyone could do with a little more breathing room when spending lots of time in an RV. If your rig feels a little too tight lately, maybe a mini-renovation will help! For instance, removing some cabinets to open their small space. It might not work for everyone, but if you don’t need the storage, this could be a DIY update that promises increased comfort as well as a fresh new look.

Try a new area rug

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference! You don’t need to jump into a bigger project like laying new flooring. Add an area rug to your living space if you want to refresh a bit without breaking the bank. Keep your other decor simple to make it really pop.

Spring cleaning is a whole lot more fun when it involves giving your home-on-wheels a little facelift! What are you doing to spruce up your RV this camping season? 

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