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7 Ways to Bring Back Wildhood This Winter


One of the joys of winter camping is the wonderland of snowy outdoor activities at your doorstep. Whether your load is light or you’re bringing all your winter gear in tow, it’s pretty easy to enjoy Mother Nature’s snow-kissed playground on your next winter RV trip.

Bundle up and get ready for snow-capped fun with the kiddos and kiddos-at-heart – here are 7 Ways to Bring Back Wildhood this winter! You’ll forget about that cold snap in no time.

Build a snowman… or better yet, a snow fort!

Who needs a welcome mat when you can build-your-own snowman to greet your neighbours at the campsite? All you need is some fresh mounds of snow and a couple of helping hands to help bring good ol’ Frosty to life! Grab a fresh carrot and a couple of grapes from your RV fridge and you’re all set.

If the kiddos are getting into the creative groove, why not build a snow fort, too? And then, how about a round of hot chocolates to celebrate? Sounds like a perfect winter afternoon.

Just around the bend

Looking for a little outdoor fun that’s easy on the wallet? Grab your sled or toboggan and make your way to a snowy hill! Consult with the local tourism office, campground office or your local park ranger at provincial or national parks, to help you find a safe, open spot away from trees, debris or rocky cliffs. Safety first!

Make snow angels

Those fresh snow banks are almost too pretty to touch. Suit up in your parkas and snow pants and get ready to create some celestial beauties in the glistening snow. Just don’t get too comfy – no naps allowed. 😉

Snowshoes to boot

Making fresh tracks in the snow is one of the simple pleasures of being outdoors in wintertime. A walk in the woods is lovely, but going for a romp in the snow with your snowshoes is a breath of fresh air! It’s also an easy low-impact workout that you can squeeze in at a rest stop to stretch your legs.

Gone (ice) fishing!

For the fishing enthusiasts in your crew, ice fishing is a fantastic way to enjoy the winter daylight and find the perfect catch for supper at the campsite. Win-win!

Do your homework in advance about fishing licenses/permits and ice safety for the region. Regulations for ice fishing vary from province to province, territory to territory. Here are some helpful links for Alberta and Ontario to help you get started on planning on your ice fishing adventure. Our friends at Fish TV are also great go-to resource for all things fishing!

Get in the groove

We know there are plenty of RV folks who love the thrill of snowmobiling in the great wide open! Pretty handy that a sport-utility RV – aka a Toy Hauler RV –features ample cargo space and a swing-down ramp for easy access and transport of your snowmobile in/out of your RV.

Oh, what fun!

Jingle bells, a thermos of hot cocoa, warm flannel blankets and a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Winter doesn’t get more magical than that! This family-friendly activity is a great way to take the scenic route and bask in that winter glow.

Feeling inspired to map out your next road trip this winter? Get started with our handy RV Trip Planner.

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