Go Fish! 10 Seafood Camping Recipes to Feed a Crowd


We’re all about cooking tasty meals while out camping. What better way to enjoy Canada’s Wildhood than with a meal outdoors? Good food, great company, and fresh air is all we need!
If you’re travelling along one of Canada’s beautiful coastlines, chances are, you’ll be close to the prime pick of fresh seafood. We rounded up some promising recipes to try next time you’re in the mood for a meal fresh from the ocean.

Seafood Paella

This seafood paella is cooked with shellfish, but you can add whatever is fresh and local to your current destination. Don’t be intimidated by this delicious meal. It’s actually a simple one-pot recipe!
Seafood Hobo Packs
Who doesn’t love a good hobo pack recipe? Here are a few seafood hobo pack recipes for a little culinary inspiration! The best thing about hobo packs is that you can add whatever is in your fridge or cooler at the time. This list includes barbeque shrimp and clambakes—that sounds good to us!

Grilled Seafood Skewers

Skewers are a campfire classic. Seafood scallops, though? Yes, please! These grilled seafood skewers feature scallops, prawns, and salmon or tuna. The recipe also includes a dipping sauce that sounds super tasty. Choose from soy and ginger, tomato and ginger, or just tomato.

Tin Foil Seafood Boil

This seafood boil is an easy tin foil pack that “tastes like mid-Atlantic summers.” Anything with shrimp, scallops, and sausage sounds great to us! Just add potatoes and butter and you have yourself a filling meal after a long day of exploring in the sun.

Baja-Style Fish Tacos

Baja-style fish tacos. Need we say more? It’s a fast and filling dish – and easy to make while camping. Pair the fish tacos with a salad and all you’re all set. Yum!
Spanish Chorizo, Jalapeno, and Lime Seafood Packs
You’ll need clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and Spanish chorizo for this gourmet seafood campfire pack. Add garlic and jalapeños and cook the whole tin foil pack over the fire. Who said camping meals need to be boring?

Seafood Chowder

What is delicious, nutritious and makes enough to serve the masses? Camp oven seafood chowder. This one even has a yummy scone topping! Your family will be lining up for seconds (and thirds).

Shrimp Surprise Spread

The campfire meals that you don’t actually have to cook are sometimes the best option – especially after the busy day finding your Wildhood! This shrimp seafood dip will satisfy without having to heat a single thing.

Mediterranean Salmon

This Mediterranean salmon requires minimal prep work and cleanup because it’s made with only five ingredients in foil over the fire. Healthy campfire meals can be simple, too!

Campfire Seafood Boil

This is probably the easiest recipe of the bunch: campfire seafood boil. Throw all the ingredients for this seafood boil into one pot over the campfire. This recipe calls for crab, lobster, smoke sausage, corn and red potatoes. Sounds pretty hearty and delicious!

Which of these seafood camping recipes will you try first? Let us know on our Facebook group: Wildhood Recipe Club! We would love to have you join our community.

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