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How to Make Your RV Feel Like Home


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, you probably want your home on wheels to actually feel like home. How do you make that happen when florals are plenty and durable travel trailer fabrics aren’t that cozy? Choose a few DIY projects to tackle until your RV feels like the oasis it should.

Here are our ideas to get started…


Invest in Good Bedding

Sleeping bags don’t feel like home! Ditch the camping blankets for the good bedding that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud wherever you go. This will be a game changer if you’re going on an extended road trip or are taking a year off to RV and want to maintain those comforts of home. Tucking in at night will be so much nicer.


Remodel the Interior

There’s nothing a little paint can’t fix! RVs have a distinct look to them, but with a few interior upgrades it can look like a typical home. You don’t have to go for a complete renovation, but try a few projects! Maybe paint the walls, redo the floors, or swap fixtures for a big difference.

Other ideas: Lights, lamps, sinks, and faucets in RVs are typically plastic, but easily replaced with modern options you’d find in a home. The walls and cabinets can all be painted if you follow the proper steps (that means using primer). RV carpeting can be ripped up and covered with something easily cleaned, like vinyl and area rugs. Voila!


Buy New Furniture

Who says you need to keep the furniture that your RV comes with? No one! You can ditch it all for new, lightweight, homey furniture. Just choose apartment sized options and preferably fabrics that are machine washable. This is a great idea if you’re the type of RVer who sets up camp in the same spot for a long time.

If new furniture won’t work for your family, purchase slipcovers for the seating areas and it will make your RV feel cozy just the same.


Image via Follow Your Detour


Replace the Curtains

Many RVs come with a floral or earthy print on the fabrics, including the valances or curtains. Valances on their own feel very RV-like compared to long curtains. An easy weekend project to replace and reupholster with something a bit more modern doesn’t take a lot of time, but makes a huge difference.

Image via Follow Your Detour


Add Some Decor

Even though RVing is all about minimalism and organizing, you can still bring a few comforts of home with you on the road. Intentionally choose some of your favourite items to spruce up your small space. Maybe some of your decor could actually double as storage? Get creative!


Image via Arrows & Bow


Don’t Forget the Exterior

What about when you park it for the night? Don’t forget to add some homey touches to your exterior setup! String lights between trees or off your awning, pack a portable fireplace, and purchase some comfy lawn chairs to kick your feet up.


Image via Arrows & Bow


Which idea will you run with? Add a splash of colour, a few homey comforts, and a modern touch to make your RV a place you want to spend a lot of time in.

Do you have any DIY tips or tricks to make an RV feel like home? Share your before and after photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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