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Could RV Living Be Better Than Condo Life?


Unfortunately, home ownership isn’t a realistic option for many millennials, especially those living in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Renting, on the other hand, often feels like a bottomless pit because rates are so high and at the end of the day, you’re living in somebody else’s place. What’s a young person to do?

More and more millennials are turning to RV-life instead of traditional homes or condos. We weighed in on some of the pros and cons…

What Works for Your Lifestyle?

It all comes down to the question: What kind of lifestyle do you want to live for the foreseeable future? Are you particularly attached to your belongings or do you want to chase new experiences? Do you need to stay in the city for work, or do you want to find work on the road? We think everyone should make a point to RV, but we know that full-time RVing isn’t a realistic lifestyle for all. It’s important to be honest with yourself as you work through the decision process.


The good thing is, both options are comfortable with the features on standard RVs these days. Depending on the size of condo in comparison, you might have even more square footage to work with in a 5th wheel!

Planning on adopting vanlife with your partner? You’re not the only ones embracing minimalist comfort! So many young couples are hitting the road together, searching for experiences instead of shopping for more things.


As for daily lifestyle, do you want to travel full-time or live in the city? Lots of people are finding ways to make a living on the road outside of the traditional 9 to 5.

Are you a creature of habit? Some people who thrive in routines think that they won’t have that luxury while travelling all the time, but they can! Your routine will just be a little different, not gone. Instead of waking up and hitting the gym in your condo, you might wake up and stroll the boardwalk in the sunshine before connecting to WiFi for a day of work. Routines form in days on the road and days spent exploring just like they do during days in the city.


Wildhood vs. City Living

Does loving the city make you a bad vanlifer? Not at all! There’s no right or wrong way to RV full-time. If you rent a condo, you could still escape to the wild, but you will need to return home to check on your place every so often. Plus there’s all that money wasted on bills while you’re gone!

However, if you choose to RV full-time, you have the flexibility to move around between all your favourite places. Some Canadian cities are still warm enough to park the RV even in the winter months.

What are the Pros?

Of course, both condo and RV lifestyles have their pros and cons. Here’s a list of the pros we see in both!

The pros of living in a 5th wheel:

  • Easy to tow wherever you want to go.
  • Lots of storage underneath the bed and inside.
  • All the comforts of home, wherever you decide to park.
  • North America is your backyard.
  • No need to pack or unpack.
  • It can be budget friendly if you crunch numbers just right!
  • You’re close to nature!
  • No condo fees, utilities, or property taxes.

The pros of living in a condo:

  • Stability year round.
  • The traditional choice.
  • Easy to leave to travel.


Most agree that 5th wheels are essentially apartments on wheels with their tall ceilings and full-size appliances, and there are plenty of ways to make them feel like home! The difference comes down to whether or not you want a permanent home base and the attached monthly expenses.

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