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Keeping Healthy During Those Lengthy Drives


So you’ve got an amazing destination in mind, you’ve mapped out the best route and you just want to get there. We totally get it. And sometimes the RV journey involves a lot of driving to get to that coveted destination. To help keep you and your crew healthy (and happy!) during those lengthy drives, check out our roundup of top tips for savvy RV road trippers. (You’re welcome.)

1. Taking regular breaks to S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Any road trip involves a lot of sitting. But the beauty of road trips is that you can take as many pit stops as you like along the way! A simple rule of thumb is to pull over and take a break about every two hours. Make sure to build these regular pit stops into your driving schedule by picking landmarks or kilometer markers on your route in advance, or by setting a reminder on your phone. This helps to divvy up those long distances and gives you the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air, take a bio break, stretch those dormant muscles and squeeze in some exercise.

For a little RV fitness inspiration, check out these fantastic YouTube videos:

RV Rest Stop Recharge (Source: The Fit RV)
Shoulder Exercises with Water Bottles (Source: The Fit RV)
The Sink Workout (Source: The Fit RV)
The Totally Awesome Passenger Seat Workout (Source: The Fit RV)

Looking to do a mini-bootcamp circuit in the great outdoors’ Check out this handy checklist from The Fit RV for travel-friendly, compact fitness equipment to pack on your next RV road trip.

2. Getting plenty of rest

It goes without saying that you should feel well rested before embarking on any trek ‘ especially if you’re the driver. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, it’s really important that you get enough sleep before setting out on the road. If you’re feeling drowsy en route, it’s time to switch drivers, or find a safe (and legal) place to pull over and park to take a quick nap.

3. Staying hydrated

Keeping a refillable water bottle in the console next to your seat is an instant quick win for road trippers. Having a swig of water at the ready will help keep you happy (not hangry), guard against fatigue and keep you focused on the task at hand ‘ getting from point A to point B safely.

Is water too ‘plain jane’ for your liking’ Craving a cuppa joe or a can of pop instead’ You’ll want to check out these healthy, hydrating alternatives and simple ways to jazz up your water bottle or travel-friendly teacup.

14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters to Drink Instead of Soda (Source: BuzzFeed)
Brew a Better Bath of Iced Tea: Don’t Make These Mistakes (Source: Bon Appetit)

4. Eating healthy

Skip the drive-thru. Push aside that bag of potato chips calling your name. Boost your energy with healthy (and delicious) snacks packed with protein, anti-oxidants and other nutrients. Having pre-portioned, healthy snacks on-hand will help curb that pesky craving for greasy take-out or a sugar fix on the road. Here’s some tasty inspiration to help you get started on your nutritious RV journey:

10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks (Source: Roadtrippers)
15 Healthy Snack Ideas for Road Trips

And if you really can’t resist those neon yellow arches or that cute little roadside diner along the way, know that you can still indulge a bit and make wise food choices. Try to limit fast food or dining out to once a week. Skip the fries and opt for the salad (dressing on the side). Consider the lunch portion instead of super-size, or go party-style and share a couple of appetizers with your travel buddies.

All you need is some meal-planning savvy and some willpower to boot. It’s easier than you think.

5. Finding your happy place: RV ergonomics

If you’re lucky, you’ve got a couple of drivers for your RV ‘ so you can alternate between driver, navigator and leisurely passenger duties. Before your next shift in the driver’s seat, make sure to adjust your mirrors and find your sweet spot for legroom.

ps ‘ Fellas, don’t forget to take your wallet out of your back pocket. (Who wants to sit on that wad for 90 minutes plus’)

6. Reading out loud*

Even if you absolutely adore your travel buddies, chances are, there will be a lull in conversation at some point on the road trip. A nice alternative to witty banter is to read a book out loud* ‘ it helps to tackle bouts of boredom, nip ‘Are we there yet” in the bud, and assign a fun duty to one of the passengers. Traveling solo’ Audio books are a great option to help pass the time and stay alert.

For a little inspo, check out our booklist of camping adventure reads for the outdoor enthusiast ‘ young and young-at-heart!

*Leave the bookworm duties to passengers only.

7. Singing (RV karaoke, anyone’)

Not really a bookworm’ Find your RV groove and sing along to your favourite road trip tunes to keep the energy levels high and the mood upbeat. Looking for that perfect soundtrack for your next RV adventure’ We polled our community to see what tunes are rocking your road trip playlists ‘ check it out.

8. Staying calm and centered

Those scenic lookouts en route are more than just a pretty view. Wildlife watching, hiking loops, meditation’ there are plenty of ways to refresh your mind at a scenic lookout. A great way to relax, stay calm and centered is to do a quick yoga sequence ‘ with or without a mat. For a little inspo, take a deep breath and bookmark this easy guide for standing yoga poses for your next rest stop.

8 Travel Poses You Can Do Anywhere (Source: Yoga Journal)

How do YOU keep healthy on lengthy drives’ Feel free to share your ideas with our #RVersKnow community. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Happy travels!

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