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‘Are we there yet” Music to your ears. Jokes aside, music has the magic to set the mood and mark pretty much any occasion. Road trips are no exception ‘ in fact, there are heaps of adventure-ready playlists just waiting to be the soundtrack to your next epic journey. That catchy hook, that bouncy melody or those inspiring lyrics can help get your groove in gear and make that lengthy drive seem like it whizzed by in no time.

Whether you like to sing out loud like nobody’s watching, peacefully hum along to the melody or round up a family sing-a-long with the kiddos, check out these seven music mixes to travel by on your next RVing adventure!

Road Trip Playlist!
Pack up the van and set out on a spontaneous adventure with your favourite travel buddies. This energetic playlist ‘ packed with everything from retro classic to indie rock to peppy dance hits ‘ is bound to spark happy times in the great outdoors.

Family Road Trip
Get the kiddos jazzed up and raring to go with these upbeat, pitch-perfect melodies.

Road Trip Sing-a-long Songs
Remember that song you heard on the radio that you couldn’t get out of your head’ Chances are, it’s probably on this playlist and will have you singing along and bopping to the beat in your seat.

Relaxed Driving Music
For those really hectic days, or those times when you just want to chill out and enjoy a quiet ride, the relaxing tunes on this playlist will help you find your calm on the drive.

Indie Rock Road Trip
Picture yourself driving along in the mountains, watching an amazing sunset from your dashboard view. Enjoy the moment with the sweet acoustic melodies, airy harmonies and indie rock tracks on this playlist.

Road Trip
Folky guitars strumming, hands clapping and whimsical tunes are a-plenty on this playlist. It will make your drive feel like a breeze.

Classic Road Trip Songs
Unroll the windows, let your hair down and get ready to rock your road trip with these classic ’70s and ’80s anthems.

What music do you like to listen to on road trips’ We did a quick poll recently and here’s what you had to say:

Feel free to share your tips on music mixes to travel by with our #GoRVingCanada community. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Happy travels!

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