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Park Models – the conveniences of home


Considering investing in a vacation property? Tired of looking at cottages that just don’t fit your budget or taste? Sounds like a Park Model Recreational Vehicle could be just the ticket.

The biggest difference between a park model and other RVs is that a park model is towed to a seasonal site and often setup with decks, coverings and more permanent fixtures to give you the feeling of permanency but still offering the option of relocating to a different location at some future date.

Not many people know this, but park model trailers are built in accordance with the CSA Z-241 park model code which dictates not only how the unit must be manufactured but how large it can be. Park models must adhere to a maximum size of 50 sq. m or 538 sq. ft. Plus, in order to be classified as a CSA Z-241 park model it must also be over 2.6 m wide which separates it from all other recreational vehicles.

Park models are a great way to Bring Back Wildhood yet have all the conveniences of home. But don’t let us tell you. Here are a few top reasons park model owners have chosen to RV the park model way:


The vacation property you’ve always wanted for a price you can afford

From time to time we all have aspired to have that cabin in the woods, cottage on the lake or chalet in the mountains. We dream about taking our entire family for weekend getaways or extended vacations to ‘our place.’ How awesome would that be! With a park model this becomes a reality within reach. Prices range from a low of approximately $50,000.00 for a basic unit to over $200,000.00 for a unit which is more like a modern day condo than a recreational vehicle.


Longer season and full ownership

In most provinces park models can be found in seasonal campgrounds or resorts. These campgrounds or resorts usually close for a period of time over the winter therefore year round use is not allowed. The good news is, there are areas which are moving to allow for longer seasonal camping, pushing into the winter to allow access to skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter activities. There are also many areas across Canada offering condo-style campgrounds whereby you have ownership of the land and your park model.


Everything you need including the kitchen sink

Park Model RVs range from being basic trailers to units with all the modern conveniences such as fireplaces, entertainment centres with surround sound, LED lighting, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring and more. Kitchens with regular appliances are now the norm! Rule of thumb is ‘whatever convenience you can get in your home, that same thing is available for your park model.


Campgrounds and resorts are not what they use to be either. The resorts of today offer larger lots, 50 amp power, modern clubhouses or recreational centres, fully stocked stores, swimming pools, gyms for that morning workout, restaurants and a few even offer nightly entertainment.

So if you are thinking about that vacation property, researching different recreational vehicles and/or touring different cottage locations perhaps a Park Model is something which should be worthy of further investigation.

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