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Road Trip Snacks to Keep Your Crew Happy


So you’re getting ready to set out on a long travel day in the RV, and you’re on a roll, checking off items from your trusty packing list. One thing’s for sure: you won’t want to forget these road trip essentials – snacks to keep your crew happy and keep the hangry spells at bay.

A well-stocked snack kitty will also help curb those tempting roadside fast-food cravings and help keep your trip on-track. The wonderful world of road trip snacks can reach far beyond granola bars and trail mix – homemade beef jerky, roasted chickpeas and rolled fruit in fun shapes are all travel-friendly.

Fill ‘er up on these healthy* (and perhaps not so healthy, but oh so tasty) portable snacks to feed your squad and fuel your journey.


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*If munching on your favourite chocolate bar or a big bag of potato chips is more your speed, we don’t judge. 😉

Keep It Handy

Skip the jumbo, super-sized snacks in bulk. Portable is the name of the game. Storage-friendly options like re-sealable bags and stackable, refillable containers (ideally reusable non-breakables) help manage portion control and can easily go from your RV kitchen cupboard or your cooler to your backpack on a whim.

Graze in the Great Outdoors
Trying to save on space and stock up on kitchen provisions as you go? Load up on locally sourced ingredients at farmers’ markets from coast-to-coast and create your own little farm-to-fork food odyssey across Canada. Farmers’ markets are a delicious way to shop local and also a win-win reason to take a welcome break from driving during a long travel day.



Bring your own (reusable) water bottle. Staying hydrated with ample water on your road trips is key. It can be easy to forget to take regular sips of H2O when you’re super focused on getting from point A to B before the sun goes down. Do yourself a favour and keep your water bottle handy – those thirst-quenching sips will keep you cool on those hot summer days and help keep you feeling fuller (and less likely to reach for snacks every ten minutes).


Feed Your (Fitness) Frenzy

Snacks aside, savvy road trippers often find fitness and wellness breaks refreshing, too. Read more on how to keep healthy during those lengthy drives.

Looking for more camping recipes to fill your belly and wet your whistle? Check out more recipes on the Go RVing Canada blog or check out Go RVing Canada on Pinterest.


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