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Video, RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance – Molding


In this video you will learn some helpful tips about RV maintenance and taking care of the many seals on your RV.

Seals, your RV has so many different seals and I’m not just talking slide seals. I’m talking of seals around the corner molding around the RV and around your windows. In the RV industry is a product called ‘putty’ tape. This is just a sticky putty that they’re putting in between the window flange or the apartment door flange and the wall. They then sandwich the door or the window against the wall that has this great putty tape. You may see it peeking out over time and you can cut it off and remove it.

Problem with that seal is it does need to be maintained. Most people don’t know that. You want to check the seals on your RV to make sure that they’re actually still bonding right to the wall and the frame of the window the door and the compartment. When you start seeing a gap from that molding you need to pull that off and actually lay in some new product.

Replacing the putty tape behind those windows, doors and corner moldings is actually quite a straightforward procedure. It’s a very affordable product as well. Problem is you need to keep that in mind that it is a maintenance item and it is not something that warranty covers or your insurance covers.

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