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RV Maintenance – Roof


The roof seals are a critical part of your RV and should be monitored every year to ensure adequate protection from the elements.

Welcome to the Go RVing website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

The roof seals on an RV a very crucial system. You gotta remember that’s what is protecting our complete interior from any water penetration. Now our industry is great, all of our manufactured roofs are coming with a 10 year warranty.

Problem is the warranty is on the rubber membranes itself it’s not on the seals ago along the perimeter and around the vents. So what we need you to do is every spring and fall I want you to climb up on that roof, I know it doesn’t sound fun but it is part of owning an RV. We need to get somebody up on that roof to make sure that all those seals that around everything on your roof, from roof vents, to antennas we need to make sure that seal is still pliable.

You don’t want to wait for it to dry out because if it’s dried out its gonna crack and not seal. Your average RV roof seals are good for five years but I want someone up there checking ’cause it depends on if you’re going in the hotter or colder climates. So definitely every spring climb up on your roof and check it. Now if you do have issues it’s a very easy repair most RVers can do on their own, see your local dealer.

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