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RV Maintenance – Slides


Taking care of the slides on your RV is critical to maintaining a dust and moisture free environment.

Welcome to the Go RVing Canada website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

In today’s modern RVs, we have slides in just about every RV on the market. Twenty years ago that was not the case. So with your slide system, you’ve got multiple seals to look after, you’ve got a rolling track system as well as a motorized assembly that all drive that slide, all those pieces require yearly maintenance.

Your seals are a crucial item to look after, if that rubber does dry out that sweep seal is not gonna sweep anymore and if it does not sweep any longer water is getting inside as well as dust. So we need to make sure that rubber is always well looked after with rubber care product that allows it to sweep. You do that you’re gonna get years out of your slides seal.

The flip side, is the mechanism on the other side we gotta make sure that stays well lubed along the RV if you don’t look after lubing that slide system it’s gonna build up with material and then it’s gonna bind up and not come in and out very easily so, we need to make sure that is looked after and when I talk about lubing your slide what I’m talking about is actually using a product that will not pick up dust. If you spray on WD 40 on there, it’s going to gum within a week. What we want to use are specific slide lubricants. These are gonna go on that undercarriage and make sure no dust is attracted to that lubricant so it stays clean all year. This lubricant can be used on anything from the underside of the chassis right down your foldings steps.

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