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RV Maintenance – Wheels


The wheels on your RV must be checked to ensure a smooth and reliable ride for both RV travel trailers and motorhomes. Here are some great tips!

Welcome to the Go RVing website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

Another item that we need to keep in mind is looking after the portion of the RV that actually comes in contact with the road. On your average travel trailer you’ve got wheels, bearings and brakes. These are maintenance items just like on your car. What’s recommended by your manufacturer is every 5,000 kilometers.

But how do we tell what five thousand kilometers is’ So generally what you average RV dealer will say: if you’re average weekend warrior that’s going out every other weekend we recommend you get your bearings inspected and repacked every two years. If you’re somebody that’s traveling from coast to coast in Canada, we do recommend probably getting your bearings inspected and repacked at least once a year.

Now on a motorhome product where you have an engine, a transmission, a full chassis to worry about, everyone always says: ‘Oh my RV its only got twenty thousand kilometers’. That’s great it doesn’t sound like a whole lot. Problem is, that motor is sitting for six months out of the year.

A rule of thumb with motorized product, if you just let it sit, you’re doing more harm than good. At least go out every couple of months and start that chassis and drive it around a little bit. Get your tires moving, the belts moving and you’ll actually find that you will get a longer life span in between your engine services and belts by actually just using up a little bit every now and then.

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