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RV Maintenance – Winterizing


Learn how to protect your RV during the winter months and maintain your water system when the weather turns cold.

Welcome to the Go RVing website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

Another crucial element to owning an RV is actually looking after it during the colder months here in Canada. Down on the States, they don’t know how to winterize that’s great for them.

Up here, we’re Canadians we know we’re going to get cold over the winter so we need you to actually winterize your water system. You need to protect it against colder climates.

Now by winterizing, I’m not talking just blowing air through lines. That used to be great 10 years ago just blowing air through your water lines but with today’s water valves on your toilets, on your sink portion, on your caps set, just blowing air through with no longer acceptable. You actually have to get RV antifreeze through the lines and make sure you get everything from your toilet to the outdoor shower.

On the flip side of winterizing is actually summerizing. Getting all that antifreeze out of the system so you don’t taste it in your drinking water. Very very simple straightforward procedure you rinse out the system but if you do wanna drink at your system we do recommend sanitizing your holding tank and line. Your local RV dealer will have products to help assist you with sanitizing your drinking water lines.

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