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Everyone knows that winter season should actually be called RV show season. How else are all of us avid campers (too scared to brave Canada’s winter camping) supposed to get our fix before the spring’

RV shows are informative for everyone: old and new to the glamping game. You could be a first-time shopper looking to buy, a lifelong camper window shopping for your next travel trailer, or just in the market for some new toys to spice up your existing rig. There’s something for every type and level of camper at Canada’s RV shows.


Bring the family.
You heard us. These RV Shows are kid-friendly. RVing is fun for the whole family, so why wouldn’t the show be too’ If you’ve ever been to an RV show before, you’ve definitely seen at least a few kids having a blast. Kids’ entertainment is a priority for a lot of these event organizers.

If you’re attending the show to shop for a new RV, we can guarantee the kids will want to be involved. They’re the ones who will be sleeping in the back bunks for the next few years! Until they grow more and you have to upsize again, that is. For now, however, the kids will be your extra set of eyes when choosing the perfect RV for your family. Is there enough storage space’ Seating space’ All of the comforts you need to hit the open road’ While you’re busy chatting with the salespeople, your kids are probably already inside the potential rig checking out its nooks and cupboards.

Go in with a plan.
We get it. RV shopping can be overwhelming, especially in such a large-scale setting like some of these shows can be. There could be hundreds of vendors in attendance and even more options for RVs. That’s not even including all of the RV accessories. Go in with a plan. What are you looking to buy’ A new rig: what size’ Travel trailer or park model’ What must-have features’ What’s your budget’ A strategy is key to leaving an RV show happy with your purchase. At the very least, narrow out what you don’t want, so you can focus on the booths that are a ‘maybe’ or better. Another point to planning ahead’some shows schedule seminars or presentations. Plan your visit around the seminars you hope to catch.

Stay open minded.
It’s okay if the aforementioned plan goes slightly awry, especially if you’re bringing the kids. There is just so much to take in at all of the shows planned across the country this season. Stay on track, but have a little fun too. Maybe the brand you think you love has an even better rival. Maybe one of the destination booths will catch your eye even if it isn’t your go-to camping location. Each of the RV shows across Canada this winter season have tons of surprises, new items, and new vendors waiting for you to explore.

Research before you go.
Are you in the market for a new RV’ Take a little extra time to do your research before you go. While RV shows are a great place to see what is hot and new in town, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the excitement. If you walk into the show with a good idea of what you’re looking for in terms of price, sizes, features, etc., you will have a much better time finding the RV of your dreams. However, try to go a bit beyond the top layer of research. Figure out exactly what you could get for your money outside of the show, so you can recognize a steal when you see one.

Ask questions.
All of them! Part of your research will probably lead you with a lengthy list of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales consultants on site to answer these questions for you at the RV shows’that’s their job. Your goal is to walk out of the show happy with any and all of your purchases, not matter how big or small.
Plus, since winter is considered ‘off-season,’ some of you may not even hook up your new big rig until the spring time. If you don’t want any surprises, start asking!

Gather information.
Not only should you ask every question that arises, but gather all of the information you can before making any large purchases. Does the dealer have a pamphlet or other reading material to help you break down the decision’ If you’re stuck between two items, take a photo or jot some notes. Give yourself time to compare the two. It’s okay if you don’t make a purchase the same day’get a business card so you can sleep on it! Most shows are weekend-long events, so you could return the next day with a fresh mind.

Stick to your budget.
You’ve done your research, and asked all of your questions. Now it’s decision time. Stick to your budget. You pre-determined a budget for a reason. Don’t regret your RV show experience by blowing your budget out of the trailer park.

On the other hand, in your research phase, choose a reasonable budget for the features you are looking to get from an RV; or the tools you’re looking to find from the accessories selection. Don’t be wooed by the shiny new toys that might be similar to one you bought last year. Instead, focus on the different toys you can get that will amplify your RV experience in a new way, all while staying within your budget. RV shows are a place to learn about the lifestyle, and get excited about the upcoming spring. The goal isn’t to accidentally blow your whole year’s salary in one day.

Keep your eyes peeled for the big deals.
RV shows often offer one-time specials that will only be seen the weekend you are there. Watch for these to save yourself a few bucks. However’tying back to the research tip’if you do your research, you will be able to pinpoint unbeatable sales versus sales tactics.

Dress comfortably and be prepared.
RV shows entail a lot of walking. Don’t make the rookie mistake of arriving unprepared. Comfortable shoes and clothing is your best bet’especially for the kids. Bring lots of snacks and water with you. No one likes shopping while they’re hungry or rushed.

Remember: you don’t need to be RV shopping to attend.

As mentioned, these annual RV shows sell a lot more than just RVs. RV toys, accessories, camping destinations, and informative vendors will be in attendance. If it’s camping related, you will probably find it here. Attend an RV show to get out of the house in the winter; to get excited about the spring; to see what’s new in the wonderful world of camping; to window shop; to gather information. You definitely don’t need to be shopping for an RV to attend.

The most important tip we can give is to have fun. An RV show is where you will have the chance to talk to industry experts, and meet some people that love camping just as much as you do.

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