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Should I Rent or Buy an RV?


We strongly believe that all Canadians should make a point to RV. There’s so much space to roam in our country, why pass that up?

If you’re reading this, we’ve likely convinced you to get out there, right?! You’re feeling ready to hit the road, but which is the best option for you: Renting or buying an RV? We can help. Here are the pros of each option.



The Pros of Renting an RV

  • It’s low commitment. If you’re not sure if the RV lifestyle is for you, but you feel an itch to explore Wildhood, we always recommend testing the waters first by renting. Especially if you’ve never actually gone camping like this before, but have a hunch you will like it.
  • It’s cost-effective if you’re busy. So many of us are stuck in the grind, bouncing between work or school, chauffeuring kids to extracurriculars, and trying to find time for family and friends along the way. If you don’t think it’s reasonable to get out into the wild for RV trips more than a few times each year, start by renting an RV for family vacations. Once you know you have the time to dedicate to the great outdoors, invest in your own.
  • You will learn what you like. After renting a few RVs, chances are you will know exactly what features you need to have in your own rig one day. Having the ability to shop around a bit and actually take a few RVs for test weekends, you’ll be that much more confident choosing one that’s perfect for you when the time comes.



The Pros of Buying an RV

  • It’s all yours! The obvious pro of buying your own RV is that you don’t have to share it. You can do whatever you want with your rig, including take off whenever you want.
  • It’s an affordable way to vacation. Sure, renting is cost effective if you’re only getting outdoors a few times each year, but once you pass that threshold, owning is definitely more feasible. Imagine how often you could vacation with the family if you had your own RV to hook up and hit the road whenever you wanted?!
  • Everything is already packed! When you rent, you might have to remember your own camping essentials, like bedding and gadgets or cooking utensils. When you own an RV, you naturally accumulate camping supplies that can be stored permanently inside the rig, always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Just pack fresh food and clothing before hitching up.



Want to learn more about buying or renting an RV? Check out our buyers guide or rental guide for more information.

Now that the debate is settled for you, it’s time to plan your next adventure! We have plenty of trip planning tools and an entire community of campers with tons of ideas. Will you join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest?

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