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Taking a Year off to RV With the Kids


You’d be surprised how many people are taking a year off to travel with their kids! Some families just keep going after that, working remotely and homeschooling their children along the way.

Experience freedom with your family unlike ever before! Here’s our reasons why you should take a year off to RV with your kids and how to make it happen.


Why Should You RV for a Year with the Kids?

It’s Fun!

Tell us something more fun than RVing. Now try to tell us something more fun than RVing nonstop for an entire year! The possibilities are endless and there are so many benefits, other than the fun you’ll have, to full-time RVing. The only downside we see is the challenge of deciding where to go first.


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The Kids Will Learn a Lot

A year on the road offers so many experiences most kids don’t have access to going to school each day. New towns and cities, new views, new cultures and history and food. They’re going to love the interactive learning opportunities on your travels! The constant exposure to nature is good for your kids too.


A Break From the Hustle

Most adults live on a treadmill that doesn’t slow down until retirement. Sure, life on the road isn’t easy either, but you can move a little slower. Press pause on your daily hustle by choosing to spend a year RVing full-time, just going where the road takes you.


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Tips to Make it Happen…

Downsize Your Belongings

While RVs and motorhomes have more comforts than ever, they’re still on wheels and require a little more of a plan when organizing belongings. It’s inevitable that you’re going to need to purge your things: clothing, books, toys, etc.

If you’re only taking off for 1 year, it’s easier to choose what stays in storage and what comes along on the road. So many full-time RVers say they appreciate their newfound minimalist lifestyle. For every item that comes into the RV, something needs to leave to make space.



Make a Budget

While life on the road seems like it might be less expensive, receipts for gas, accommodations, and food can stack up quickly. Make a budget and keep it in mind when planning your extended road trip. For example, criss-crossing across the country will cost more in gas. Can you be strategic with your route and destinations?

Also note where the best deals are for campsites and groceries. We have some trip planning tools that might help you!


Have an Open Mind

Remember, things will not go as planned for you and the kids. It’s going to be emotional! Always have an open mind (and a good sense of humour) to roll with whatever happens on the road.



Plan Ahead

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime! You want to balance having a gameplan with leaving flexibility in your schedule to go with the flow. Choose a province or state you want to start your trip in and get to know a few options for accommodations and activities that you can find on the fly. Are there any must-dos for everyone in your family?

Do you RV full-time with your kids? Have you taken an RV sabbatical before? Share your best tips with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We love to hear from you!

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