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Tech Travel Gadgets that Make Life Easier on the Road


We’re gearing up for RV and camping season! To prepare, we’ve taken a look at this wish-list of RV accessories, tools and gadgets that make life easier on the road. Right now, we’re loving tech travel gadgets, so we’ve rounded up of a few of our favourites. Time to gear up – there’s new tech in town!


Solar Charger

Revamp your RV to allow for solar charging — solar panel systems are easier to install than ever! Test the waters (sunlight?) with a few smaller tools first if you don’t want to convert your entire rig just yet. If you do make the switch, your system will be much more robust for camping off-the-beaten-path. At the very least, you’ll save some dough on electrical bills.


Reusable Hand Warmer

No need to keep the disposable hand warmers around anymore with a reusable hand warmer. It’s about the same size as the disposable kind, but can be refilled with fluid to keep warm. These might not make your life easier, but they do make it warmer in the shoulder seasons.


Portable Laundry Wash Bag

It’s not too good to be true! Although, it’s more of a tech replacement than a tech gadget itself. A portable laundry wash bag can help keep your clothes clean when spending a lot of time off-the-beaten-path. Have you used one before? We’re curious!


Surge Protector

New RVs pack a lot of punch. A surge protector will keep your electric system safe. It might not be a fun tech gadget, but it’s a useful one!


Portable Campfire

Beat the summer heat (ahem – fire ban) with a portable electric campfire! Set the mood with these little gadgets. You won’t even notice the difference after dark.


Photography Drone

Okay, drones are less about ease of camping and more about the thrill of the outdoors. For those of you who explore to create, a drone might be on your tech wish-list this camping season. Imagine the bird’s-eye-view shots you’ll capture! Worth noting though, you’ll need to be abide by rules on drone use in urban areas, provincial parks and national parks.


Portable WiFi Hotspot

Next up, you’ll need a portable WiFi hot-spot to show off all your drone photos. These are also helpful for people planning an extended road trip or for snowbirds heading south of the border. Save yourself the phone and data plan with WiFi on the go.


Portable Charger

Keep all your bells and whistles running with a portable charger. Some have multiple full charges in them, so they’re great to bring along for your outdoor tech if you’re going to spend any time out in the wilderness.


What’s on your tech list this camping season? Let us know what you’re adding to your toolbox over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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