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The Benefits of Exposing Your Kids to Nature


There are so many benefits of exposing your kids to nature, especially with smartphones and tablets becoming ever more appealing. While we like technology just as much as the next person, it’s hard to match the love we have for the great outdoors! Good thing the RV lifestyle offers lots of time to play outside.


If you didn’t already want to unplug and unwind with your children in the wild this weekend, maybe the following benefits will change your mind.



Boost Creativity and Confidence

Unstructured play allows kids to learn to think creatively and build confidence in their decisions and surroundings. Time outdoors is also suggested to improve critical thinking and overall scores on standardized tests in schools.



Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

>We all know daily activity is important for everyone, not just kids. Get them moving and having fun outside to reduce stress and increase energy levelsthis goes for you too, mom and dad! Other similar benefits include: improved sleep patterns, reduced feelings of anxiety and higher focus, including reduced ADHD symptoms.



Promote Health and Fitness

With lots of space to run and play, of course time spent outside promotes health and fitness in all of us! The sunshine also gives us an extra boost of vitamin D, which prevents against many health issues. Plus, exposure to healthy amounts of new bacteria helps strengthen a child’s immune system.



Teamwork and Socialization

Socializing from behind a screen, while beneficial in its own way, is still very different from getting outside, meeting new people, making friends, and learning the power of teamwork. Think of how much you grew while playing games with other kids! Those relationships you made at a young age shaped how you interact with others now. Don’t you want to give your kids the most positive experience possible?



Learn About Canada’s Natural History

There’s only so much you can learn from a textbook. Take your kids somewhere new, like to see the Ojibwe Culture of Manitoulin Island or the Membertou Heritage Park of Nova Scotia. What about Canada’s mountains? Everyone needs to see Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains or Alberta’s Rockies at least once in their lives and each destination has its own story to tell. They’ll love the adventure!



Create a Connection to the Environment

If you grow up playing outside, it’s likely that you’ll grow into adulthood with strong beliefs to protect your environment. We all want to enjoy our time RVing in Canada’s backyard!

Activities like hiking, camping, and exploring teach kids to respect the environment from an early age. For example, they’ll learn to only use fallen sticks to build a campfire rather than pulling new ones from trees. They’ll also learn how to let plants live along the edges of hiking trails. All good things you probably want your children to know!



What benefits do you see your children experience season after season spent outside? We knew there was something more to this RV lifestyle than us just liking it! It’s good for you too.

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