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Top 10 Tips from Real RVers: The Best Advice For Newbies


There are many things to learn when you first start RVing. We’ve asked our RV community for their best advice to give to RV newbies, and here it is! These tips will help you get started with the basics, so that you can have a successful RV experience and hit the road in confidence.

RVer Tip 1: Go for a Shakedown Trip

One of the first things you should do whether you have a brand new RV or a longtime trusted travel trailer is go for a “shakedown” trip . A shakedown trip is usually shorter than usual and away from home in order to find any potential issues that might come up while on your next big adventure. This way, if there are any problems with appliances or bedding, then they can be easily fixed before going on a long haul.

RVer Tip 2: Arrive Before Dark

When travelling, it’s best to arrive before dark so that you can set up camp without the difficulty of searching and setting up your site in darkness. Give yourself more time on your trip by travelling during daylight hours and make sure you arrive before sunset.

RVer Tip 3: Know Your RV Height and Have it Handy

Do you know what’s a pain in the butt? Forgetting how tall your RV is. You’re driving along, finally find an open spot to park and then realize it’s not going to work because you don’t have enough clearance for your rig. If you put their height on their visor in feet and meters, you will always have it handy.

RVer Tip 4: Pack Light

Packing your RV can be a daunting task. What should you keep in mind? Pack light and just the essentials! The heavier your load is, the higher cost it will have on gas mileage. The best way to avoid overpacking is to remember to be minimal yet practical and you can always pick stuff up along the way. See our packing list here.

RVer Tip 5: Check Your Unit Before Each Trip

It’s a sunny day and you’re excited to get out on the road or you are packing up to head to your next stop, but remember to run through your pre-trip checklist. Secure the exterior and interior, check all compartments are locked, vents down, step in etc and especially examine your site so it’s left as pristine as how you found it.

RVer Tip 6: Plan Your Route Ahead

Mark your route and plan any stops on the way that you want to make, so then when you get there everything will be ready and in order! If something goes wrong, at least you’ll know what’s next up. With so many places to go, we’ve created some starter guides for popular travel routes that are perfect for RV travel.

RVer Tip 7: Keep an Eye on the Gas Gauge

You’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again. One of the most important things to do when you’re preparing for a new RV adventure is to fill up your gas tank before leaving! Trying to find a gas station is one of the most stressful things for new RVers. It’s not just about finding the right type of fuel, but also finding an open station with enough space for your vehicle. Some stations are so small that you have to drive through them in reverse and it can be difficult to back out if there’s another car waiting on their turn. In order to avoid this potential situation, we recommend filling up before leaving and knowing where future gas stations will be along your route. You can also consult Google Maps which has a ‘gas’ option allowing you to set alerts for upcoming filling.

RVer Tip 8: Reserve Ahead

If you are planning on an RV adventure in the near future, it is important to reserve your RV site ahead. Reservations should be made in advance and book up VERY early once they become available each year. Check out our campground tool for more information about reserving anRV site.

RVer Tip 9: Learn to Level the RV

For first-time RVers, learning how to level an RV is an important skill. If an RV is not leveled correctly, it can cause a variety of issues with the tires and other parts of the vehicle. There are many ways one can go about learning how to level an RV, but one of the best resources is this handy how-to video that will help your first-time experience with leveling your rig easier.

RVer Tip 10: Enjoy and Stay Positive!

RVing is about exploring and creating new memories. It’s not always perfect, but it’s always worth it! The importance of keeping a positive attitude in order is vital to have as much fun as possible during your RV adventure. Explore and live your wildhood!


So there you have it! Thank you to our superstar RV community for sending in these awesome tips for first-timers. Ready to hit the road in confidence? Take a trip you’ll want to tell everyone about, find RV dealers near you and book your first rental here!

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