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Top 7 Trails in Canada for Fall Colours


Here’s another myth for you: Autumn’s drop in temperatures means Canadians have to spend more time indoors. Wrong! In case you missed it, our friendly mythbusters cracked that code with our previous blog post: Keeping the Camp Vibes Going Through Shoulder Season.

Now, if you’re camping in shoulder season, the next question is likely: What sort of activities can we do? Hiking, for starters! Canada in the fall is just as much fun (and so colourful!) as summer peak season. The leaves might change, but the trails typically stay open for a while longer.
Pack your camera and a few extra layers to enjoy these 7 Beautiful Trails for Fall Colours. And after a long day of finding your Wildhood and wandering between the trees, try one of our favourite one-pot cozy autumn recipes when you get back to the campsite!

Explore the Coastline Along the Fundy Trail

Drive the Fundy Trail parkway through the spruce forest along the coast. Autumn in New Brunswick is absolutely stunning. Trail entrances are scattered along the 19 kilometres of coastline – perfect for hiking and cycling a little off the beaten path of the parkway. Much of this area was previously unreachable, so the Fundy Trails offer a remote escape. For a little extra excitement, watch the water for whales and other marine life!

Watch the Water at Cataract Falls

Have you heard of Cataract Falls? Hike to this tranquil waterfall near Caledon, Ontario, for peaceful views of fall colours. The Falls are in Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, which is located west of Toronto. This area is known for rock escarpments and beautiful lakes a-plenty!

See the Maple Trees of Mount Orford National Park

The Eastern Townships of Quebec are beautiful any time of year, but these forests really light up in the fall. In Mount Orford National Park, the sugar maples change colours, but the blue skies stay the same. If you want a cozy Canadian autumn experience, visit this area in the shoulder season. Hike the trails in the warmer months, then strap on your cross-country skis when the snow falls.

Walk the Wascana Trails

If you want to walk trails under the cover of fall colours, plan a shoulder season trip to Wascana Valley in Saskatchewan. The 15 kilometres of Wascana Trails are about 30 minutes north of Regina in the Qu’Appelle Valley. They are well maintained year-round, making for an easy trip for people of all skill levels.



Wander Around Riding Mountain National Park

There are 400 kilometres of trails to wander in Riding Mountain National Park. Prairie meadows meet aspen forests bright with orange, red and yellow hues in the fall. This park is a gorgeous escape, only 100 kilometres north of Brandon, Manitoba. After hiking the trails, find a spot to stay and relax in Wasagaming, the national park’s picturesque resort town along Clear Lake.



Hike to the Lake Louise Tea House

Lake Louise is gorgeous any time of year, but fall? Even better! Walk around the lake, hike through spruce and fir trees, all the way to Lake Agnes and the Lake Agnes Teahouse. Continue uphill to see all of Bow Valley and eventually rest in the Plains of Six Glaciers Teahouse before heading back downhill. The photos from this viewpoint are even more stunning than the classic postcard Lake Louise shot.

Try a Trail in the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area

There are so many trails to choose from in the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area of British Columbia. Choose between mountain peaks and low-lying lake loops. No matter where you go in the southern part of the province, you will likely be met with mild weather even as the leaves change colours. If you’d prefer to go for a drive than a hike one day, the highway route through the area is beautiful as well!


Where will you explore this fall? We’ll see you on the trails, or join our Go RVing Canada community online at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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