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Travel Gems and Geocaching on Your Next RV Trek


Have you watched the latest episodes in our new Mythbusting Series? There are so many wonderful places to explore when you RV in Canada! One way we like to explore is by geocaching. It’s like modern-day treasure hunting and tons of people are on the trail. And all you need to get started is the geocaching app on your smartphone.


What is geocaching?

Geocaching helps outdoor lovers discover places a little off the beaten path. By following the coordinates of different treasure locations, you find trinkets and toys in beautiful locations. You can download a free geocaching app to access the locations of millions of caches worldwide.

Caches can be micro markers or large trunks full of toys. Some showcase viewpoints off the beaten path, while others are for trading in treasures along a popular route. Some are easy to find while others are a little more difficult. They are never buried, but they do a good job at hiding regardless!


Where do you look?

Choose a cache online to get started! You can see what others are saying about the trek to find the cache, which might help you decide. Search by location to plan your RV road trip route ahead of time or check out what caches are nearest you when you arrive at your campsite.

A couple factors to note when choosing your cache: The difficulty rating of a cache refers to the mental test to find or open the cache. The terrain rating refers to the challenge of the route leading to the cache.

Your whole family will have fun on this high-tech, outdoor treasure hunt!

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our suggestions…


A View From Here!

There is definitely A View From Here! This cache leads treasure hunters up Collier Mountain in New Brunswick. The quick hike off Elgin-Fundy Road offers views of the valley below. Those who have found this spot before say the blueberry fields are worth the hike.


Hill to Hill

Kelowna, British Columbia has some pretty spectacular views and the scene from this cache is one of them! Hill to Hill leads explorers on a little hike to find the cache, then take a picnic break overlooking the city. This is a stop you won’t forget!


Harbour View From Up High

Northern Ontario is beautiful. Why not stop to catch some caches? Harbour View From Up High is at the top of a clearly marked trail in Kenora, Ontario. The town and the harbour are visible from the top—an unbeatable view that you won’t want to miss.


Millennium Trail Series Old Fishing Hole

Adventurers will find the Old Fishing Hole cache along the Yukon River just outside Whitehorse. The Millennium Trail Series is a handful of caches along the paved trails here. This spot is family-friendly and easy for beginners to find!


If a Tree Falls in the Forest

Newfoundland and Labrador have so many caches to find! Someone has hidden a few treasures along the Pasadena Ski and Nature Trails for others to seek out. If a Tree Falls in the Forest brings geocachers to the Twisted Pines trail. They say this area is a nature lover’s dream—don’t forget your camera for a little animal watching along the way.

Whether you stretch your legs with short hikes from the main highway or make the cache viewpoint your final destination, geocaching is a fun activity that RVers love.

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