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What’s Everyone Doing With Their RVs?


Photo credit: Photo credit: Rebecca Moroney, Eamon & Bec

So many people are living life out of their vans these days. We were curious… what is everyone doing with life on the road? Here’s what we found: they work hard, enjoy wildhood year-round, and find a perfect balance of work and play within their nomadic lifestyles.

Are you curious too? Here’s some people living their truest wildhood and a snapshot of what that looks like for each of them.


Eamon and Bec

You might have heard of Eamon and Bec, full-time Canadian van lifers who also own a chai tea business, Chaiwala. These Torontionians sold everything to start travelling and somehow do it all from the road: they blog, vlog, podcast, Instagram, and successfully run their tea business from inside their van.


James and Zoë

James and Zoë and their dog, Spanky, are Canadian adventure-seekers who swapped traditional living for their van in 2017 because they believe there’s more to life than having lots of things. They aren’t your average travellersthey live and work full-time jobs in Toronto. Otherwise, they save well and spend smart so they always have the freedom to do whatever they want.


Derrick and Paula

A 2-month honeymoon turned into 2 years on the road for this couple! Derrick and Paula figured they liked the wild life so much, why not keep going? Taking one day at a time turned into a couple years. Now, this couple homesteads, but they’re still experts at living self-sufficiently.


Mat and Danielle

Mat and Danielle run the blog Exploring Alternatives while splitting their time between their tiny home in Quebec and road trips in their van. Mat films videos and makes his living as a visual artist. Danielle writes all the content on their blog. Together, they explore Canada and share the behind the scenes of a full life lived with less.


Brianna Madia

Brianna travels with her husband, Kieth, and two dogs, Bucket and Dagwood. She shares their story through images and words, mostly set to the backdrop of the desert. Her Instagram page has become somewhat of a community or safe haven for people searching for something different.


Vickers and McNair

Raynor Vickers and Madison McNair sold their homes after they were married to live a less financially straining life and they found happiness at the same time. Raynor is a licensed mechanic who converted their vannow he offers the same service for others through Ray Outfitted. Madison has blogged their #vanlife since first setting out on the road in 2018.


Kit Whistler and JR Switchgrass

Kit Whistler and JR Switchgrass produce books, photos, and a quarterly zine from inside the walls of their bus, Sunshine. Everything they make is created on the road. They even package and fulfill orders from their bus (and a post office). Their mission since 2012: To share the highs and lows of their life of idle through Ideal Theory Bus.


Jean Robert and Gemma

Jean Robert and Gemma are British-Canadian’s based in New Brunswick, but travelling and blogging about their adventures. They share their experiences of working holidays for others hoping to follow their nomadic path, awesome destination, and the real life behind the scenes of exploring Canada by road. To make their living, they partner with brands, create freelance digital content, and consult new bloggers.


Are you living a unique lifestyle from your RV? Share what you do with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! We can’t wait to learn more about what everyday wildhood looks like for you.

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