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Who is GoRVing Canada’


At Go RVing Canada, we don’t see RVing as much as an activity, as we do a lifestyle. A taste of unbridled freedom and fun, something we’re determined to share with everyone! Which is why we love what we do to promote the RVing experience in Canada.

Over the past few years, RVing has been growing in popularity more than ever, and we’re so proud to be a part of the movement that’s getting families, adventure seekers, festival goers and outdoor lovers into RVs and out onto the open road.
We get asked every now and then what Go RVing Canada is all about, if our goal is to sell or rent RV’s (it’s not). This inspired us to share a bit of our history, and what fuels our team here at Go RVing Canada today.

What is Go RVing Canada all about’
Go RVing Canada isn’t affiliated with any specific brand or company. Nor do we rent RVs or take campground reservations on our website. We’re also not a membership or RV club. So what is Go RVing Canada’

Go RVing Canada was founded by the Go RVing Canada coalition, which consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and regional RV associations. We’re a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the RVing lifestyle, and everything it involves; from purchasing or renting an RV, to helping first time RV adventurers know what to pack, and shedding light on the best places to camp across Canada. We help our community of new and seasoned RV enthusiasts discover which RV will work for them, and work to provide them with the best RVing resources across Canada. Just visit our website to discover how much information we provide on the RVing lifestyle.
Want to quickly learn about RVing’ Watch our RV videos. Plan a trip across the country’ Try our trip planner. Don’t know which RV is right for you’ Learn about each RV type! Ready to purchase an RV’ We’ll help you find the closest RV dealership.

We love bringing the RVing community together in the promotions we develop and on our social media channels that are growing each day. It’s not unusual to find someone asking about renting an RV on Facebook, others sharing their trip to BC on Instagram with us, and many of our friends on Twitter retweeting news and updates from the Go RVing Canada feed.
Go RVing Canada is your guide to everything RVing!

What fuels our passion for RVing’
You may be wondering what gets us so fired up about RVing, and what fuels our passion to promote the RVing lifestyle. Well, it’s simple really! Freedom, flexibility and fun. To us, it’s the perfect fusion of comfort and the sheer thrill of being outdoors. You get to create the schedule, pick your activities, and be in charge of the stops. It’s truly a choose-your-own-adventure! The bonus is, it’s affordable.

It’s safe to say our team here at Go RVing Canada are all outdoor adventure enthusiasts! Our Executive Director, Chris Mahony, loves sharing a travelling memory that got him hooked on RVing. It was a trip to Quebec with his wife, Yolana. He recalls spending days travelling around beautiful Montreal. After one especially fun day at the Saint-Laurent Boulevard, shopping and watching cheese being made by hand, they found themselves caught in a downpour. As people scattered, they ran back to their RV and sat, eating their freshly purchased cheese with a glass of French wine, watching the storm and feeling absolutely at home. It was in that moment that Chris realized he couldn’t be happier, and his love and passion for the RVing lifestyle began.

If you’re feeling inspired right now, that may mean the RVing lifestyle is right for you! If you haven’t created your favourite RVing memory yet, make this your year – get started by visiting our RV resource-rich website. And, if after your first experience you find yourself as RV-obsessed as we are, well, you’re welcome!

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