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Frequently Asked Questions about RVs

Before You Buy FAQs

What Type of RVer Am I?
There are many different kinds of RVer. While you don’t need to feel like you need to fit into only one of them, a large portion of RVers fit into different lifestyle types. They will allow you to decide whether or renting or buying suits your lifestyle. To find out which type of RV is right for you, try our Persona Quiz.


Do I Need a Special Licence to Drive an RV?
Generally, RVs only require a regular drivers licence. Although it is always good to check with the provinces you are travelling in to be sure. Ensure you have had a valid driver’s licence for over a year and are over the age of 25 to rent.


Can I Tow an RV With My Car or SUV?
There are numerous RV classes and sizes that will enable you to tow with your car or SUV. Pop-up campers are no problem with your average vehicle. Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers will require an SUV or truck with specific towing requirements. You can also get a Class A, B or C and have your RV drivable.


What Financing Options Are Available?
You have finally found your dream RV. Now you are looking to figure out which financing options work within your budget. Know that most RVs can be amortized over an extended period. Up to 20 years for large RVs in some cases, making them much more affordable than you may think. Work with your dealers financing representative to build a flexible payment plan. Check out the RV affordability guide to get a sense of ballpark numbers.


Where Can I Store My RV in the Offseason?
Some dealerships will offer RV storage facilities, or you can park it at home (space permitting). There are numerous storage facilities throughout Canada that you can consider. The most important thing is to winterize your RV and protect the water systems from freezing. Best to keep your RV protected from the elements of a typical Canadian winter. You want to ideally consider indoor storage where available. Avoid using a tarp or non-breathable fabric. Moisture condensation can damage your RV exterior. Check out our tips on how to store your RV.


Who Are The Major RV Manufacturers?
Winnebago, Jayco, Airstream, Leisure Travel Vans, Forest River, Thor… and the list goes on. The beauty of RV shopping is that there are so many options available to meet your needs. Check out the list of RV manufacturer members of the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) as a guide for quality, safety and excellence.


Community FAQs

Where Can I Find a List of Campgrounds?
Simply click here to find campgrounds near you.

Where Can I Find an RV Rental?
Simply click here to find a rental dealer near you.

Who Can I Talk to About Buying an RV?

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I Would Love to Go Camping, But Have No Idea Where.

Check out our Wildhood Stories to get inspiration from other first-time RVers like you! Then head over to our Trip Planner to trail blaze your route!

I’m Planning a Road Trip. Where Should I Start?
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