How Do I Rent an RV?
The first thing you will want to do is find a rental dealer in your area. To do this simply use our find a rental dealer tool to locate a rental outfit near you. Once you find an RV rental establishment, get in touch with them and find an RV that is right for your vacation. They will guide you through the rental options, pick-up, drop-off, orientation and all other applicable details to get you on your way.


What Do I Need to Rent An RV?
You will need a valid driver’s licence and a secondary piece of ID. You may also need some additional items if you are towing an RV. This information and in most cases any additional towing tools are available through the RV Rental establishment.


Are There Any Age Restrictions for Renting?
You must over 21 years of age to rent an RV.


Are Pets Allowed?
This is at the discretion of the rental establishment.


What Do I Do If Something Goes Wrong on the Road?
Most rental outfits provide 24-hour emergency services. Check with the business you are renting from to ensure. You can also use our Find A Dealer search.


Do I Need to Clean the RV Before Returning It?
Yes. You should ensure the RV is in the condition you rented it before returning.

Can I Bring My RV to the United States?
Yes, but be careful what are you are bringing across the border in regards to food, beverages, consumables, etc.


Can I Drop Off My RV At a Different Location Than Where I Rented It?
For example, a one-way rental? This will depend on the dealer but most RV Rentals allow for one-way rentals.



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