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RV Foodie Roadtrip: Backcountry Cooking with Colin Yen

Colin Yen

Vancouver , BC | Canada
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Stories From the Road RV Foodie Roadtrip: Backcountry Cooking with Colin Yen

My name is Colin, but you can call me Col. I love creating Asian cuisine in the great outdoors and my goal is to show how anyone can whip up delicious meals while on their own adventures. Throughout my culinary journeys, I’ve often found myself stuck in a tent during pouring rain, envying those in their warm and dry RV’s nearby. On this trip, the poor weather flipped the script, giving me a taste of comfort and shelter as I embarked on my very first RV adventure and I learned a lot along the way. From spring rains to a surprise snowstorm, our RV allowed us to explore without limits.

Backcountry Cooking with Colin Yen

Embracing nature's whims on our culinary adventure

One of the things that made me want to try travelling by RV was being able to explore the outdoors while having the safety and security of being able to return to a warm bed and shelter from the unpredictable elements. Coincidentally, my very first RV trip gave me that opportunity. In just 10 days, we were pummeled by spring rains, hit with an unexpected snowstorm, and finally, June weather decided to arrive as we headed down the Icefields Parkway in Alberta. Only in Canada.


You can check out all of the delicious recipes I created while on my trip with Go RVing Canada.


Exploring new flavours is a journey for the palate, and travelling in an RV with friends is a voyage for the soul.

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One thing I learned is that RVing allows for so much more flexibility than I am typically able to have on my other adventures. As we drove along unphased by the elements, our crew kept commenting on the fact that our trip would have been cut way shorter if not for our RV. As someone who’s used to tackling big hikes and trying to accomplish as much as I can in a day, the RV lifestyle was a great balance of having a relaxed space to rest but also granted accessibility to get out and explore outside of the vehicle.

Food has the incredible power to unite people, and I want to blend the joys of outdoor living with the magic of bringing friends and fellow adventurers together through a shared love for food. On this journey, I had the privilege of adventuring with a close-knit crew of friends, and even the unpredictable weather couldn’t dampen our spirits. Just like how food can be an adventure for the tastebuds, travelling by RV with friends adds an extra element of adventure to every mile of the journey, reminding us that the journey itself is as delicious as the destination.

Col takes in the sights

Can I get seconds?

Follow Colin’s Route:

We started and finished our trip in Vancouver, BC, and to Alberta to visit Banff, Jasper and the Icefields Parkway. Some highlights and recommendations:

  • Our route began in Vancouver, taking us to Robson River Campground via Highway One and Yellowhead Highway.
  • From Robson River Campground we drove to Jasper where we stayed at the Whistler’s Campground. We got snowed on that day and the ice fields were closed so we ended up staying at Wapiti campground near Jasper for our 0 day.
  • We headed down the Icefields Parkway in beautiful weather on our fourth day so that we could stay at Tunnel Mountain Village 2 Campground.  
  • From there we stopped off in Banff for a quick lunch, and headed home to Vancouver.


Colin’s Pro RV Tips

Parking was tricky at first and finding designated parking in highly populated areas was something that became easier with practice. Another tip would be to plan really early, there’s actually more people out in RV’s than you think, so campsites get booked up quick. That being said, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the best part about RV’ing is the flexibility. If you are the last-minute type, or the weather alters your trip, an RV allows you to pivot and change plans with ease. After all, you’re travelling in your home on wheels.

Live Your Wildhood

The philosophy of Wildhood is borne of the notion that we, as humans, have a fundamental desire to connect with one another, and connect with the natural world. We are curious. We are moved by wanderlust. Our most powerful memories are of moments we share with the ones we love, or of places that fill us with awe and wonder. Preferably both at the same time. These are the moments of magic: big or small, they are the moments that enrich our lives. Wildhood is then, not a construct, but an expression of who we are and a recognition of what gives us joy.

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