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Steph & Kristen Chase Ontario’s Fall Colours

Steph & Kristen

Toronto, ON | Canada

Amazing Race Canada Season 4 Winners & LGBTQ+ Content Creators

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Stories From the Road Steph & Kristen Chase Ontario’s Fall Colours

Hi! We are Steph & Kris and we were the first all female team and LGBTQ+ winners of Amazing Race Canada (Season 4). After the race, on a whim, we decided to travel the world with our winnings while documenting and sharing our lives and travels through YouTube and IG.

Almost five years later and over 16 countries visited, we try to lead by example and inspire people to push their own boundaries by creating relatable travel and LGBTQ+ content. We always joke that we will try anything… at least once.

We have always wanted to go on a big RV trip together. We were excited about the idea of traveling to a bunch of different locations with the convenience of having everything right there with us and the best part, being able to bring our pup Jameson along for the ride. We hate when we do epic outdoor trips that we know he would love and can’t bring him.

steph and kristen


Chasing Ontario's Fall Colours

The beauty of exploring your own backyard

This was our first time traveling by RV and we are hooked. We love being in the outdoors, but don’t always love the idea of camping due to the unknowns with weather. The idea of bringing absolutely everything you need, packing up, taking down, making sure you have enough ice to keep everything cold, pray you don’t get rained on or freeze at night…can be a little overwhelming. With the RV, we took a trip in October in northern Ontario without having to worry about freezing in a tent or waking up to everything soaking wet. We could wake up from a cozy bed, warm up and make a pot of coffee without even stepping outside if we wanted to. It was perfect. We would never have even considered tent camping this late in the season and definitely would not have moved campgrounds. Our first day, we stopped to do a hike in Lions Head on our way to Tobermory and it was absolutely pouring rain on us. If we were planning on setting up camp in a tent that night I feel like we may have just turned around and gone back home (haha). But instead, we had a magical hike that we could enjoy because even though we were soaking wet, we knew we could get back to our dry, cozy RV to change and hang out.

Pulling right into the sites and having everything ready to go in minutes was perfect and moving campgrounds/traveling to the next spot was a breeze. We were slightly worried about driving and parking such a large vehicle, but after getting more comfortable with the size, it was not nearly as difficult as we thought – anyone could definitely do it! You got this!

We can’t wait for our next RV adventure and I know our dog, Jameson thinks that’s how we should always travel from now on. If you think you are going to love RVing, we promise you, your dog will love it even more!

It is going to be hard to get us in a tent again after this experience RVing.

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Follow Steph & Kristen’s Route:

Loop around the Georgian Bay area:

  • Toronto, ONT to Tobermory, ONT (Bruce Peninsula National Park)
  • Manitoulin Island, ONT (Manitoulin Eco Park)
  • Quick stop en route in Sudbury, ONT for the Big Nickel
  • Killarney, ONT (Killarney Provincial Park)



Steph & Kristen’s RV Tips

The best part about traveling with the RV is that you don’t need to pack as much. Think about what the RV company is providing you with your rental and pack accordingly. Traveling with your dog is super easy, Jameson absolutely loved waking up every morning from his own cozy dog bed to nature. When it is time to pack up and move locations, don’t forget to secure any loose items. It is so much fun, don’t be intimidated by the size, it is so worth it.

Live Your Wildhood

The philosophy of Wildhood is borne of the notion that we, as humans, have a fundamental desire to connect with one another, and connect with the natural world. We are curious. We are moved by wanderlust. Our most powerful memories are of moments we share with the ones we love, or of places that fill us with awe and wonder. Preferably both at the same time. These are the moments of magic: big or small, they are the moments that enrich our lives. Wildhood is then, not a construct, but an expression of who we are and a recognition of what gives us joy.

Watch the Live Your Wildhood story here.


Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over-the-cab area that is often an optional sleeping area. This type of RV is built on an automotive van frame with a wider body section attached to the original cab. Amenities are similar to those in conventional motorhomes with large kitchens, spacious living areas, large bathrooms, and a separate bedroom.



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