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Brendan’s Cross Canada Adventure

Brendan van Son

Canadian photographer and journalist from Rocky Mountain House Alberta. Brendan’s work has been featured in The Guardian, BBC and National Geographic Traveler.

Stories From the Road Brendan’s Cross Canada Adventure

Brendan and Erin set out on the most exciting of adventures to Bring Back Wildhood on an early morning in August. They looked at the map while in Toronto, pointed west towards Calgary and threw caution to the wind. An unknown series of discoveries awaited. Just how long it would take, and what encounters they’d have, no one knew.

The long haul

Brendan van Son

There’s plenty to be discovered, and plenty of adventure to be had, you just have to go out and find it.

More than 3,000 KM driven, hours upon hours of singalong tunes sung, the luxury and convenience of a beautiful class C motorhome, excisions off the beaten path, a few unexpected wildlife encounters (black bears in Waterton!), the freedom to wander and explore, and awe inspiring memories of camping during childhoods of yesteryear.

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“Is there anything more wild than freedom!,” Brendan says. “Anyone can find adventure. You just need to find a way to get out and explore a bit.”

Special thanks to Triple E RV for supplying the Leisure Travel Van for this trip.


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