Taggart & Torrens Live Event!

August 24th, 7:00 PM EST 

Silent Valley | A Parkbridge Cottage & RV Resort, Ayton, Ontario

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What's it all about?

Go RVing Canada partners with Taggart & Torrens, Parkbridge Communities, and March of Dimes for the ultimate summer RVing and Camping event!

Go RVing Canada announced its partnership with Taggart and Torrens, hilarious hosts of the Canadianity podcast, to Bring Back Wildhood and take their show outdoors to an Ontario campground.

When Is The Big Event?

Taking place on Saturday August 24, 7:00 PM EST at Silent Valley Campground in Ayton, Ontario, the live taping will feature Jeremy Taggart (former drummer of Our Lady Peace) and Jonathan Torrens (TV Personality and Actor), as they embrace the RV lifestyle and celebrate at a local Ontario campground.

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If you have already RSVP'd be sure to BYOS (Bring Your Own Seat, or blanket) as this is being held in a grassy area!

“RVing incorporates every aspect of Canadianity; family, friends, fires, and frivolity. TnT and Go RVing Canada melt together like s’mores!” said Jonathan Torrens, about the strategic partnership. “Friends, fans and ‘bahds’ alike should come to Silent Valley Cottage & RV Resort to catch our special RV edition podcast and head into Wildhood!“

Having travelled from coast-to-coast, Taggart and Torrens are living the RV lifestyle, along with the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. The duo will share personal Wildhood stories from their own cross-country journeys, encouraging fellow Canadians to also hit the open road and Find their Wildhood by reconnecting with the great outdoors.

“RVing has never been more popular in Canada, as people of all ages continue to seek authentic experiences in nature and disconnect from the pressures of everyday life to make meaningful memories with those they love,” said Chris Mahony, President of Go RVing Canada. “As fellow RVers and proud Canadians, the relatable Taggart and Torrens duo is a perfect partner for Go RVing Canada.”

The show will also highlight some of their most memorable road trip routes and destinations, all of which can be located using GoRVing.ca’s innovative  Trip Planner, allowing travel enthusiasts to plan, personalize and even upload their RV trip itineraries for future inspiration.


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