Ashley Callingbull found her Wildhood by taking a truck camper through the Yukon.
With a sense of discovery, wanderlust, and adventure, Ashley experienced everything RVing has to offer.
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Growing Down to the Roots

By Ashley Callingbull

I grew up with the beauty of Canada at my doorstep. So, let me tell you what this place means to me….

As a strong indigenous Canadian woman my culture has allowed me to heal and find myself at difficult times in my life.

Nature and travel have played a huge role in that healing and in creating who I am….

…who I want to be…

…who I will become…

With age, evolution, and the passing of time comes responsibilities, distractions, to-do lists.

Growing up is part of life. But perhaps we need to grow down…. down to our roots.

Unplugging and soul searching has never been more important to me.

This freedom affords me the ability to explore, reignite my senses, and take me back to who I really am….

… A confident woman that yearns to choose her own path….

Trailblazing my own definition of culture.

A cultural path I learned from my grandparents, my upbringing and my own morals.

A path to re-explore and rekindle my love of the Wilderness.

The shadows the mountains create, the emerald reflections of the water this is my path.

Reengaging with nature is life’s reset button…A truly Canadian way to re-centre your world…To redefine your own personal culture… to find, cherish, and live your Wildhood.

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