RV Maintenance - Batteries

The heart of your RV’s power system is your battery and it’s essential to maintain correctly for all kinds of RV camping.

Welcome to the Go RVing website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

One of the main systems in an RV that everyone forgets about are the battery systems. This is the heart of the RV, if you are dry camping in you do not have well looked after batteries you are not going to have a fun RV trip.

So one thing you definitely want to do is check at least twice a year the condition of your batteries and by that I mean most batteries are a flooded battery. They have fluid in them. Problem is, that fluid will dissipate over time as you charge and drain.

So at least twice a year I need you to pop open the caps on the battery, take a look inside and make sure your fluids are topped up. If you make sure you have a well looked after battery, you’ll get years out that battery and a lot of carefree RVing.