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Travelling with a pet can be tricky, so of course, travelling with more than one pet requires a little extra planning. With a bit of foresight, however, RVing with pets is fun! There’s just a couple more friends on the road. Here are a few tricks we’ve learned over the years.

Buckle up before you go

So many of us are guilty of letting our pets roam around the car. It’s much safer for them to be buckled in before you hit the road, especially if there’s two furry friends wandering around the backseat. It’s not just for their own safety, but so you don’t get distracted on the road too! Imagine what could happen if they start playing in the back of the moving motorhome? Even if they don’t like staying put at first, a pouty pet is better than unsafe driving conditions.

Are you crossing any borders?

International borders require proper documentation. That could include licenses and vaccination records for all animals on board.

Is the campground pet friendly?

Most campgrounds welcome furry friends, but it’s best to double check before you pull into the park! Some parks have size restrictions or extra pet fees for people travelling with more than one. Even in pet-friendly parks, keep your four-legged friends leashed unless clearly stated that they are free to roam.

What will the weather be like?

Will your rig be overly hot or cold? If the climate is a little buggy, bring pet-friendly insect repellent to keep them from being bitten too. If you’re heading into chillier climates, bring an extra blanket for them. If it’s going to be muddy, bring more towels for their paws than you think you will need! With multiple pets, there are even more paws to track in dirt.

If it’s a warm day, try to not leave Fido and Spot alone in the RV for too long. Even air-conditioned rigs can lose power and quickly become too hot from the summer heat.

Pack the appropriate food—and then some

Take their diets into consideration when packing for your trip. While you can stop at a grocery store to refill the fridge, your pups might not be so lucky to find their kibble on the road. Remember to pack the correct portions of supplements as well if they need any!

Pro tip: always bring extra food for your furry friends, just in case your trip ends up longer than expected.

Try to maintain a routine for them

Animals are creatures of habit, so it’s important to try to bring their home routine into your RV. The plus side of travelling in a home on wheels is that they will have all their comforts nearby, but can explore new places outside during the day.

On driving days, maintain their walking schedule and bathroom breaks. It’s good to stretch your legs too!
Finally, remember their food and water dishes so they can grab a quick drink or dinner on the go at their usual times. Especially water! When their food dishes aren’t in their normal spot like at home, it’s easy to forget that pup needs to drink water every few hours.

Keep them active after long days in the car.

Travelling is tough, even with the comforts of an RV with you. Keep your active pets from going stir-crazy with walks and play time just like you would at home. Pets are known to get into trouble when there is more than one of them. If you keep them tired, they are less likely to look for something to do on their own!

Bring an extra…

Extra food, extra towels, extra toys. Bring an extra pet first aid kit in case your furry friends feel a little adventurous!

Be cautious of other pets on the road

While your neighbours at home might have pets that get along well with yours, be wary of others who are travelling. You don’t know if they are friendly or not. For dogs, it’s best to obey leash laws for this reason.

Pack your kennels

Even if your pets don’t spend much time in their crates at home, it’s a good idea to bring them on the road. Their crates are their safe place to return to when the rest of the world feels a little frightening. It’s their comfort of home when they’re unsure. Place their bedding inside, and they will know to return here if they feel like a rest.

Do you have multiple pets on the road with you when you travel? Tell us your best tips!

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