class c motorhome in field motorhome in field
A Little of Class A and B Combined



$100,000 - $200,000


6.4 to 10.7 M (21 - 35 ft)


Sleeps up to 8



Have a look inside a Class C Motorhome

With its distinctive cab-over bunk, The Class C motorhome is an icon and the star in many RV adventures. Class C Motorhomes look like nothing else on the market, and are built on a commercial cut-away van chassis and come with all the amenities of any motorhome, so there’s sure to be one that suits you.

How much does this RV cost?
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Ample living space

Equipped with full sleeping, kitchen, dining and bathroom facilities found in a conventional motorhome, as well as entertainment systems and plenty of storage.

Extra sleeping bunk

Over the cab area can be used as additional storage.

Slide-out option

Offers extra room for living or sleeping areas by moving the RV’s exterior wall outward at the push of a button. This will add up to an additional 1 meter (3½ ft) to the width of the vehicle.

Fully winterized versions

Includes a higher BTU furnace, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows for winter adventures.

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Why choose this type of RV?

With a truck-like profile, the Class C is perfect for both a family or a large group to spread out on road trips for long-term traveling. Gas or diesel models are available, and they can typically sleep 5-7 comfortably.

Sleeps 6-8
Residential kitchen
Can tow something else
Ample Storage
Full bathroom facilities
Entertainment System
Slide-outs add extra space

Easy to drive in town

Take along all your gear

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Is it difficult to drive a Class C?

While it may seem daunting from the outside, the controls in the cockpit of an RV look similar to your average car and side view, and back up cameras are standard on most motorized RVs. This usually gives first-timers the confidence to get started and ultimately, learning to drive a motorized RV is a skill that becomes second nature with a little practice.

Do I need a special driver's license to drive a Class C?

For most RVs, all that is needed is a regular driver’s license which makes purchasing a Class C very accessible. Driver’s license requirements vary by state so you should always check the specific regulations in your state. There are a small number of states that have additional requirements such as a skills or a written test to drive the very large motorhomes.

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