Renting an RV in Canada

Whether you want to take the RV experience for a test drive or you're still trying to find the right model for your family, renting an RV is a great way to find your perfect match. Many companies have more than one rental location, so you can rent an RV near your home or even fly to another part of the country and rent an RV there.


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Remember to check your insurance

Speak to your car insurance broker to see if you are covered for the RV you plan to rent. You may need to arrange additional coverage from the rental company. Some companies also have minimum age requirements.

Read through our rv rental checklist to keep a few things to keep in mind before you rent an RV.

RV rental costs depend on what type of RV you want to rent, and the overall size you require or need for your sleeping accommodations.

Read this list of helpful RV rental tips before you head out on your next RV vacation.

Learn everything there is to know about RV rentals with our handy rental FAQs.

RV resorts and campgrounds offer vacation rentals that range from cozy cabins to travel trailers to fully appointed park model vacation homes.

Compare RVs to rent

Compare RVs for your next rental and discover all the features, amenities, sleeping capacity and more that will make the most comfortable choice for your vacation.

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