The Travel Trailer is the most common RV and comes in a range of styles to suit a different lifestlyes. These compact homes can be towed by a car, SUV or pick-up truck and hauled all over the country. RV travel trailers come in endless sizes and many feature garages, roof top patios, bay windows, fireplaces, offices, hideaway beds, expanding sides, and lowering roofs. If you can dream it, chances are someone has already built a travel trailer to suit your needs.

Travel Trailer
  • Size 3.6 to 10.7 m (12 - 35 ft)
  • Cost $18,000 - 100,000
  • Sleeps Up to 10 people

Features of this RV

  • Smaller models can be towed by mid-size vehicles including your family car, SUV or pickup truck. Check with your dealer for your vehicle's tow limits.
  • Larger models must be towed by heavy-duty vehicles but do not require a special highway movement permit.
  • Detachable from tow vehicle so you can leave your trailer at the park and use your car or truck for shopping and sightseeing.
  • All the conveniences of home including amenities for sleeping, showering, dining, cooking and entertainment facilities.
  • You can extend the RV slide-out wall outward at the touch of a button, up to 1.07 metres to create larger living or sleeping areas.
  • Lightweight versions or on the market, designed specifically for towing behind most 6-cylinder family vehicles.

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